Fastest Web Browser For Mac

Knowing what the fastest web browser for Mac OS X, testing to the 4 popular Mac web browser that actively developed by company and community

Do you know the fastest web browser for mac ? if you are still confused in deciding which the fastest web browser for mac that will be used, try to do your own comparison, there are several popular web browsers for mac that you can use, among others, Mozilla firefox, google chrome, safari and opera, the fourth of web browser is the  most popular among others, there is a popular web browser for mac that does not include, that is Internet explorer for mac, because its development has been discontinued by Microsoft for a long time and ended at version 5, you can read the description about the internet explorer for mac in the post before. To compare the speed of web browser a lot of things that need to be noticed to get test results that really fair. There is a tool that you can use as comparisons tool between the web browser for mac.

You just simply installed the four of popular web browser for mac and try it out one by one, to begin testing a web browser, try to clear the entire cache and cookies on the web browser (if previously installed), make sure the internet connection is stable, close all applications except web browser, and most importantly, do the test on the same mac machine. Tool that you can use to see the fastest web browser for mac is an online tool that provided by Lifehacker, this tool can displaying for you a time of web page rendering that loaded by your web browser. Test one by one a web browser you are using and see the web browser that get the fastest render time result. Here are the test results that i do from the fourth of a web browser that I mentioned above, including mozilla firefox, safari, google chrome and opera, while loading Lifehacker pages, and you can see the fastest web browser for mac.


Firefox 13
took 6.753 seconds to load (6753 milliseconds)

Safari Version 5.1 (7534.48.3)
took 6.825 seconds to load (6825 milliseconds)

Google chrome Version 19.0.1084.54
took 8.128 seconds to load (8128 milliseconds)

Opera 11.64
took 10.69 seconds to load (10690 milliseconds)


In the results above Mozilla Firefox get the best results with the fastest rendering time in 6753 seconds, slightly faster than Safari as the default web browser for mac, and google chrome in third with a time of rendering in 8128 seconds, while the opera is at last position with a time of rendering in 10.69 seconds. I did a test using the latest version of each browser, you can see for themselves that the browser version I use on the above test results. so what the test is accurate and can be used as a reference to determine the fastest web browser for mac ?, Maybe you better try it yourself and feel the speed when using each browser you have. You simply visit the page of lifehacker browser load time stopwatch to see the speed of every web browser to load a web pages.