Download Internet Explorer For Mac

Download the latest version of Internet Explorer for Mac, let you browsing across websites, but some of website maybe incompatible with internet explorer for mac version 5.2.3

Microsoft Internet Explorer is one of the main web browser software that is quite popular and is still widely used, Microsoft Internet Explorer is the default web browser for Windows operating systems, such as Safari that is also a default web browser for Mac OS X. a few years ago Microsoft Internet Explorer is available for Mac OS, but now Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac development has been discontinued by Microsoft, but you can easily find a replacement for Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac, such as, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and opera.

Internet Explorer for Mac

Download Internet Explorer for Mac – ie for mac / image from softpedia

Although Microsoft Internet Explorer is not liked by many web designer because they have extra work to customize the web interface that is built on Internet Explorer web browser, but it is Microsoft Internet Explorer is still widely used, recent versions of Microsoft internet explorer for mac that you can still use is version 5.2.3, for some reason there are many Mac users who are looking for  internet explorer for Mac browser, just to test whether web pages or because the usage habits before switching to Mac. Use internet explorer for mac with version 5.2.3 it will make you unable to enjoy the latest web technology today, due to support of Internet Explorer for Mac version 5.2.3 has been left behind.


Latest version of Internet Explorer browser

At present the development of Microsoft internet explorer has arrived at version 10, which certainly will not be available for mac, do not expect you can find internet explorer 6 for mac, internet explorer 7 for mac, internet explorer 8 for mac, internet explorer 9 for mac, internet explorer 10 for mac, because the version that is still available and can be used on Mac OS X is the internet explorer for mac version 5.2.3, if you want to run the latest Internet Explorer on a Mac, you can use several techniques, such as dual boot mac os x and windows OS using bootcamp, using widows emulator like VMware fusion, and  direclty run programs on mac using CrossOver or similar software.

Download Internet Explorer For mac