NetUse Traffic Monitor – Mac bandwidth monitor

NetUse Traffic Monitor is one of the main Mac utility software that serves as a Mac bandwidth monitor, NetUse Traffic Monitor capable of collecting the Internet bandwidth usage statistics in real time in your home or office that share an internet connection. Sometimes an internet connection with unlimited bandwidth is not available to everyone, many ISPs are implementing internet bills according to the bandwidth that we use, NetUse Traffic Monitor will help you to limit and control your internet bandwidth usage each month.

NetUse Traffic Monitor - Mac bandwidth monitor | bandwidth monitor mac

NetUse Traffic Monitor - Mac bandwidth monitor

NetUse Traffic Monitor can accurately display your internet bandwidth consumption in real time, is also available internet bandwidth usage information hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. NetUse Traffic Monitor does not need to run any time because NetUse Traffic Monitor will continue to keep a log of internet bandwidth usage even though you have closed NetUse Traffic Monitor on your mac. As a Mac bandwidth monitor software, NetUse Traffic Monitor can record  logs and plots your whole network usage.

Some of features that found on this Mac bandwidth monitor software among others, Monthly estimation of data usage, warnings and notifications system, status bar and dock icons with live usage stats, real-time traffic monitor, Auto configuration wizard and assistant, configurable billing date and monthly usage allowance. NetUse Traffic Monitor requires SNMP feature in the router or gateway that you have to be able function, NetUse Traffic Monitor has fully supported Mac OS X Lion, and can run on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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