Pixelmator – Graphic & Photo Editor for Mac OS X

Pixelmator is one of the main photo editor for mac that has powerful tools and allows you to create a stunning new image and enhance your existing photo. Pixelmator also allows you to apply various extraordinary effects, which can make your photo more interesting. Because Pixelmator has excellent capabilities, Apple has given award in Best of Mac App Store 2011 as  App of the Year 2011 and  Apple Design Award Winner.

Pixelmator - photo editor for mac

Pixelmator - photo editor for mac

If you are looking for other alternatives photo editor for mac in addition to Adobe Photoshop, then Pixelmator is one of the right choice, Pixelmator has everything you need to create, edit, enhance your images or pictures, such as selecting, painting, drawing, retouching, navigating, inspecting , layers and more. In Pixelmator also has some tools that you usually find on other photo editor for mac, such as Drawing tools, Shapes, Healing tool, smudge tool, Sponge tool, Burn tool, Dodge tool, red eye tool, type tools, and auto save, and still many other powerful features contained on this photo editor for mac.

Pixelmator can open and save a variety of popular image formats such as PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF and many other popular image formats. As a photo editor for mac, Pixelmator is able to integrate with iPhoto and Aperture that allows you to directly import images from both apple software to Pixelmator. Pixelmator is designed exclusively for Mac OS X with a variety of leading technologies such as Cocoa, 64-bit, Core Image, OpenGL, Quartz Composer, iSight and more. The minimum requirement to use Pixelmator is using Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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