Winamp for Mac – Mp3 Player for Mac

If you are a user of windows operating system before using a Mac, you may be familiar with the Winamp mp3 player software, Winamp is a music player software is quite popular, and now the popular music player software already present on the Mac operating system, Winamp for Mac is the name used by winamp developer for their music player software that can now be enjoyed in the Mac operating system. Winamp for Mac is currently still in development stage, but you can download Winamp for Mac Beta version, just to try it.

Winamp for Mac - Mp3 Player for Mac

Winamp for Mac - Mp3 Player for Mac

Winamp for Mac has a graphic user interface is very much different from the windows version of Winamp, Winamp for Mac is more similar to iTunes, but with navigation and a more minimalist interface. Winamp for Mac is able to import music from your iTunes Library or from a specific folder. Additionally Winamp for Mac also consumes less memory compared to iTunes. Makes Winamp for Mac is quite light when used in conjunction with other software.

Another excellent feature is owned Winamp for Mac is able to synchronize with the Android device, allowing you to perform synchronization between Mac and Android via a wireless network, provided the Android device is installed winamp for android. Winamp for Mac can be used on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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