12 Archive Utility App for Mac OS X

So many mac archive utility software that you can use, although Mac OS X has been providing archive utility, but not yet complete enough to extract and compress many different types of archive file today, so many of the current file archive format, make you to install additional mac archive utilitiy software to be able to open it, Mac OS X only able to extract and compress. ZIP archive format, and have not been able to open the archive formats such as .RAR, below is a 12 mac archive utility software that you can make the choice as an archive utility for Mac.

Tiny Expander – Free

Tiny expander is one of the main small mac archive utility software, but has the ability to extract various types of archive files like ZIP, 7z, RZR, TAR and more. Tiny expander is also able to open an encrypted archive.

Tiny Expander - mac archive utility

The Unarchiver – Free

The Unarchiver is one of the main mac archive utility that is widely used by Mac users, a small archive utility for mac and fairly easy to use and able to open archive formats such as RAR, Zip, Gzip, Tar, and Bzip2. The unarchiver also able to open the ISO and BIN disc Images.

The Unarchiver - mac archive utility

iPackr – Free

iPackr is a mac archive utility that you can use freely, iPackr able to compress 7z, Zip and RAR archive, iPackr also can be used as extractor archive that supported format, Zip, zip, gz, 7z and bz2.

iPackr - mac archive utility

iZip Archiver – Free

iZip Archiver is a mac archive utility software that is easy to use because it has a graphic user interface is very simple. With iZip you can easily manage a variety of archive files such as Zip, Rar, 7zip, Zipx, Tar and various other archive files.

iZip Archiver - mac archive utility

ALZip – Free

ALZip is a free software mac archive utility, which you can use to extract the archive file format Alz, EGG, RAR, 7z, and zip format.

ALZip - mac archive utility

iZip $ 0.99

iZip developed by T-bone is a paid mac archive utility, if you want to use it then you will be charged a license. Like the other mac archive utility, iZip able to uncompress Zip, Rar, 7zip and several other archive files.

iZip - mac archive utility

WinArchiver Lite – free

WinArchiver Lite in the claims is able to create Zip files that are fully compatible with Microsoft windows, this mac archive utility software is able to use the Password as the security of your archive file.

WinArchiver Lite - mac archive utility

UnZipper – $ 1.99

UnZipper is one of the main mac archive utility software is fairly simple and easy to use, can be used to uncompress the archive files with a password, select the destination folder to unzip. Unzipper supports archive file format such as Zip, Tar-GZip, Tzr-bzip2, RAR, 7-ZIP and other archive formats earlier.

UnZipper - mac archive utility

iUnarchive – $ 4.99

With iUnarchive you can create, open and modify a wide range of archive file formats such as zip, Zip, 7-zip, gzip, bz2, bzip2, iUnarchiver also capable of password protection for Zip, Rar and 7Zip.

iUnarchive - mac archive utility

Smart Zipper – $ 3.99

Smart Zipper is a mac archive utility software that supports over 20 archive file format, such as RAR, 7z, ISO, CAB, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, PX, and much more. Smart Zipper is also able to create a compressed file 7z, Zip, Gzip, Tar, Bzip2.

Smart Zipper - mac archive utility

RAR-Extractor $ 0.99

RAR-Extractor is a simple mac archive utility that is able to uncompress the RAR file using a password.

RAR-Extractor - mac archive utility

RAR Archiver $ 1.99

this mac archive utility software is easy to use, RAR Archiver able to extract RAR files and created RAR files, with RAR Archiver you are also able to create a multipart RAR files.

RAR Archiver - mac archive utility

That’s 12 mac archive utility software that you can make the choice to be installed on your Mac.

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