iFamily for Leopard – Genealogy Software for Mac OS X

iFamily for Leopard is a genealogy software for mac os x, which allows you to do the tracking and data collection to your family tree, equipped with a form to enter individual data as information of each your family tree, iFamily for Leopard is very easy to use and comes with a simple navigation menu.

iFamily for Leopard - genealogy software for mac os x

iFamily for Leopard - genealogy software for mac os x

iFamily for Leopard allows you to insert images into each individual in your family tree, this will make you easy to identify each individual who is on your family tree, the following interesting features of iFamily for Leopard genealogy software for mac os x is taken from the official iFamily for Leopard developer website is:

  • Designed to focus on each individual person rather than on each family unit
  • easy to use intuitive interface
  • displays multiple spouses and step children
  • handles over 200 different text/image/audio/video file formats and includes its own photo cropping/editing function
  • images may be added individually or in batches using drag/drop or cut/paste from iPhoto, folders or taken from a web page. The application also includes an image transcription function to assist the user to interpret and record information from images of old documents and tombstones.
  • navigation is simple and fast. As the user works with this application it remembers not only the data that has been entered, but also the navigational route the user has followed.
  • a simple but very powerful search field is provided in the toolbar that provides searches on Name, ID, Title, Birth Date or Place, Cause of Death, Notes, Comments or more
  • the interface is clean and neat but at the same time it is rich and easy to navigate. It has been designed for people who may spend many hours using it. It does not have fancy animations because our experience is that animations are soon turned off. We believe that people who are serious about their genealogy research prefer to concentrate on the data and make sure that it is correct without being distracted.
  • data security is a very important feature of iFamily. Each data entry is saved immediately to the database file. If the power fails you will lose no more than the change you were making in the current data entry field. With some other genealogy applications you can lose hours or work or even a whole day of work. iFamily for Leopard is one of the most robust applications on the market

iFamily for Leopard you can use on your Mac with the operating system Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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