8 Color Palette Apps for OS X to Pick Your Favorite Colors

Get a greats combination of color by picking up your favorite colors through third-party color palette application on the Mac OS X, we’ve collect 8 color palette application that you can choose one of them

Picking a color combination is would become a serious thing, moreover if you work as professional graphic designer. whether it web designerlogo designer, and many more. Professional designer usually have a favorite tools to collect their color combination, which is of course the tools is also have capability to pick a color from color palette, if you are the Mac OS X user, then you could find a color picker tool that built-in on the Mac OS X it self, but did you know, even though the Mac OS X it self has brought color picker tool, there is also available third party color picker application tools for the Mac OS X, this week we’ve collect about 8 third-party color picker applications for the Mac OS X, and here is the list,


8 Color Palette App for OS X to Pick Your Favorite Colors


Color Picker / $2.99

Name of it application was describe it’s function, yes, this is one of color picker application for the Mac OS X, Color Picker application provide you with various color code which is compatible with several purposes, including CMYK, HEX, DEC, HSB and RGB, the color picker application enable you to pick color from environment on your Mac desktop, you can pick color form wallpaper, icon doc, and many more. ( Read the rest )


ColorSchemer Studio ($19.99)

Researching color combination with the ColorSchemer Studio application is really fun, you can begin to research color combination on the ColorSchemer Studio application by defining a color environment that would you use, whether it RGB or CMYK. Once you’ve get color environment to choose, then you could begin to combine multiple color into palette and feel the color harmony in between, you can save that color pallet as starting point to begin your creative design project or save as custom color pallets for reuse later. ( Read the rest )


Color Tag Gen / Free

This color picker application is very suitable for web developer or web designer who need a quick HTML color code, Color Tag Gen application is also allow you to pick color from your Mac desktop environment, by automatically when you pick a color on the mac desktop, the Color Tag Gen application could generate HTML color code as well as RGB. ( Read the rest )


Classic Color Meter / $2.99

Classic Color Meter application has been complete with several parameters setting that could adjusted as you desire, such as aperture size, show/hide cursor coordinate, hold color and many more, but certainly the Classic Color Meter application would give you several color code from inputted color, including RGB (percentage, hexadecimal and decimal) both 16-bit and 8-bit, HSB, HSL and more. ( Read the rest )



ColorChooser application is one of the Mac color picker application that make you easier to pick various colors that available on the Mac screen. ColorChooser application is suitable for graphic designer or web designer, you’ll be really need tool like this, because with the ColorChooser application you could pick the colors that are available on the Mac screen in various output color codes. ( Read the rest )


Color Maker / Free ($2.99 – In-App purchase)

Color Maker is one of the 8 color picker application for the Mac OS X that we picked up this week, with the Color Maker application you cloud pick and save picked colors, support code of RGB, Hexadecimal and HSV. ( Read the rest )


Harmony of Colors (Free / $11.99)

Harmony of Colors application offer you a different way in combining a color on the palette, it’s very suitable for any designer that need a great color combination, with the Harmony of Colors application you are allowed to add image for then choose the harmony color from it, Harmony of Colors application was separated into two versions, the first is lite version which is released free application and the second is commercial version with additional features. ( Read the rest )


HueGo (Free / $8.99)

One of the color picker application for the Mac OS X, you could pick a color from your Mac desktop with adjustable area from 1 pixel to an 11 x 11 area, color that you picked up by using the HueGo application, could be editable in RGB, HSV and CMYK mode. HueGo application also separated into two versions, you can choose free version or commercial version, which is of course have some different capability. ( Read the rest )

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: January 10, 2014

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