Organizing Any Kind of Your Inventory with Compartments App

Compartments is a home inventory database application for Mac OS X that simple and flexible enough, enable you to organize your home inventory into the several collection categories, including all related information’s and image attachment.

Have you wonder about stuffs that have you buy on the last year, does it could still be found, or maybe it’s has missing or damaged,  whatever kind of stuff that you have previously purchased, either it CD music, DVD movies, books, music instrument, gadget or any kinds of home inventory, it may could be better if you are able to organize any of information’s related to those stuffs, so, if on the future you need to track what you have buy previously, it would be help you easier to track them, we are not ask you to organize your actual stuff, what you need is only organizing any of information that related to any stuffs that you buy previously. To do this thing, you will be need computer application that able to organize all your stuff information, like the Compartments application.

Compartments application is running under Mac OS X platform and can gives you an easy way to organizing all information that related to items or stuff that you’ve buy previously, which is now become a part of your inventory, the Compartments application it’s just flexible enough, because the Compartments application has supports Custom Item Types, which is enable you to adding more “custom field of form” for extra information details that related to your inventory items, for example, if you previously purchasing a DVD movie, then with the Compartments application you can adding all related information’s, such as actor, director, producer, release date, genre and many more, and it’s works for all type of inventory you have right now, including your kitchen inventory, however by default the Compartments application is only provides you with basic information field, such as item picture, date acquired, value, warranty, etc. Compartments application is also works for multiple buildings, to track all inventory at your each homes or you may use this feature for business inventory purposes.

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Organizing Any Kind of Your Inventory with Compartments App


Organizing Inventory, Made Easy.. !

Compartments an inventory application for Mac OS X gives you a flexible way to organize all related information to your inventory, you are allowed to create specific criteria of your inventory over Collection feature, such as Books Collection, Gadgets Collection, Music Instruments Collection, Movies Collection, and many more, you can create your own collection criteria based on your inventory type, such as for example, you may consider to create a kitchen collections, which is contain various stuffs of your kitchen inventory.

In addition to that, the Compartments application also allowing you to mark each items on inventory database with related ‘tags’, it would be useful to adding more information index of inventory when you searching through Quick Search feature, and of course other information attributes will also help inventory items more indexed by Compartments application search engine.

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Warranty Guard

Compartments application comes along with the Warranty Guard feature, which is a feature that enables you to quickly track inventory warranty information, in addition also, the Warranty Guard feature provide you with ‘Expire Soon’ folder, to notify you about inventory warranty that expire soon.


Custom Item Types

This is a great feature of Compartments application, a feature that makes this Mac OS X inventory application more useful and flexible, as we mentioned above, by utilizing “Custom Item Types” you are allowed to adding more extra information details that related to your inventory, you can add more custom field form for specific items when you want to adding inventory information to the Compartments database, so, extra information details will be included on inventory information.

Actually the picture of inventory and related file attachment is has been active by default, you can easily adding a picture of your inventory items by drag and drop, you can also attach unlimited files that related to your inventory, such as scanned warranty latter, receipts sign and many more.

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Inventory Information’s is Printable

Yes, you can print out any inventory item report on the Compartments database, by using your home printer, not only the text information but also includes the picture of your inventory, you may need this print feature on the future for several purposes.


Supports Multiple Buildings

This Mac OS X inventory application has supports for multiple buildings, and each building have separate inventory database, you can utilizing this feature if you have several houses or you might uses for business purposes, such as organizing an inventory at offices, hotels, real estate and many more.

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Mac OS X Compatibility

Compartments application has includes over 100 icons to represent your inventory types, so it’s would be have a nice looks, Compartments application is able to installed on the Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later. Now, organizing an inventory of yours is not something that difficult with the Compartments application. ( Download Compartments )

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 30, 2013

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