Backup and Restore Boot Camp Partition To New Mac HD

Simple guide that will show you how to backup boot camp partition from existing hard drive and then restore to a new hard drive

Boot camp is one way to be able running Microsoft Windows operating system on Macintosh computer machine, on the future day you have find a problem with your Macintosh HD, or at least you want to upgrade your Macintosh HD in order to have a larger capacity, while you already have a Microsoft Windows operating system installed on a boot camp partition on your Mac, and you do not want waste time to re-install Microsoft Windows operating system and software in it, you just simply create backup of your Boot Camp partition.

There are available Many of Macintosh Backup software that you can use, but actually you do not need it, you simply use Disk utility features which have been included on the Mac OS X, then, why is not using Time Machine to backup the Boot camp partition? Ehmm, i am not sure, i just think wanna to try this way, but if you want to backup your Mac OS X partition, certainly it’s better to use Time Machine.

Backup and restore Boot camp partition to a new hard drive

Backup and restore Boot camp partition to a new hard drive

what would you need is an external Hard Drive and Disk utility tool to perform backup of Microsoft Windows boot camp partition, Once you have installing a new Macintosh HD into Mac, then you do not need bother to re-install any software into Microsoft Windows operating system on your new hard drive, and also it is very useful for you that are too lazy perform backup of documents, because as automatically you will get the entire contents of the Boot Camp partition, for use on the new hard drive.

Here are the step by step guide to backup Boot Camp partition into disk image,

  • Plug the external hard drive with enough capacity for the entire contents of your Boot Camp partition,
  • Open Disk utility
  • After the Disk utility windows open, and see the list of partitions you have, and then click the Boot Camp partition
  • At menu bar click the new image, and will appear  a dialog box that will ask you to save the Image Boot camp partition.
  • Select save Image Boot Camp partitions on external hard drive that has you plug in,
  • And make sure you save the image Boot Camp partition with format “compressed”
  • Click save, and let the Boot Camp partition backup process complete.

Once the backup Boot Camp partition into disk image that  installed Microsoft Windows process is finish, then you can install a new Macintosh HD to your Macintosh computer machine, once you finish installing Mac OS X on your new Macintosh HD, then recreate the Boot Camp partition as usual and make sure you are also install the Microsoft Windows into a new Boot Camp partition, and then follow steps below to restore boot camp partition that contains the software and documents that contained on the Microsoft Windows before.

  • Re-plug the external hard drive until showing the HD icon on your mac os x desktop,
  • Open disk utility,
  • Select the new hard drive that you just plug in,
  • On the menu bar select the restore tab
  • Click the image on the source and select the backup Boot Camp image from external hard drive.
  • Drag and drop the Boot Camp partition on a disk utility to “destination”
  • Make sure you check “erase destination”
  • Then click restore, and wait until the restore process is complete,
  • Once finish, reboot your mac,

and you can get back entire contents of the boot camp partition as before, so you do not have to bother to install drivers and software for Microsoft Windows operating systems  on your new boot camp partition. this tutorial is inspired from a random forum

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 26, 2013

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