WriteRoom: Simple Writing App for OS X That Let You Focus to Writes

WriteRoom is the simplest writing application for Mac OS X that just let you to focus to what you writes, WriteRoom app will run in full screen mode without any window border and menu that distract your focus

Simple, yes it’s something that popular right now, everything that being built should offer simplicity to be easily enjoyed by everyone, including computer application, when there was so many advanced applications that offers many features, there was also many of Mac computer user that crave application that offers simplicity, sometimes, computer users is not care how advanced application that their use, they are only want what they do is working without any problem and hassle. One of simple application that will introduce on this article is about a writing application, a simple version of advanced word processing application that often used for writing only for some users.

Do you loves to writes? If so, may this writing application is suitable for you, WriteRoom is a Mac OS X application that built with clean graphic user interface, no more menu and icon shortcut that will interfere your focus, is not like an advanced writing applications like the Microsoft Office, Libre office, Openoffice.org or even Apple iWork Pages. WriteRoom application also designed without any window border, so you can really focus to what you’ve being writes at the time, you are also does not to afraid about distraction from your Mac desktop, because the WriteRoom application is run in full screen mode.

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WriteRoom: Simple Writing App for OS X That Let You Focus to Writes


Clean Interface

No more window border and menu bar that will distract your focus while you write, WriteRoom application is designed to be the most simplest writing application that just let you to focus to what you’ve being writes, there is also no formatting bar that will let you to customize text on you paper, the WriteRoom application is only offer you to editing the text over keyboard shortcut, there was several keyboard shortcut that should to be remembered to formatting text on the document, but you don’t have to worry, because it’s something that easy, more over the keyboard shortcut is that often used by other applications and Mac OS X itself.

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Run in Full Screen Mode

WriteRoom application will be run in full screen mode to bring you into focus experience while writing without the slightest of distraction, there was only live word count and reading time estimate that can you see to track your writing progress.


Auto Save

Lest you lose what you have been write before on the paper, the WriteRoom application has been complete with auto save feature, which enable you to have peace of mind without worry from losing what you have been write before, in case there is something bad happened with your Mac.

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Sync over Dropbox

WriteRoom application allowing you to synchronize the documents that have been made by the WriteRoom over Dropbox cloud service with your own iOS devices, however you will be need to installing the WriteRoom application version for your iOS devices.


Mac OS X Compatibility

WriteRoom application is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.7 or later also with 64-bit processor support. Since the WriteRoom application is only taking up about 1.5 MB of your hard drive space, you don’t have to worry if the WriteRoom application will consume a lot of Mac CPU resources. ( Download WriteRoom )

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