6 Things You Should Read About iTunes

Discover tips, trick and tutorial on how to using and utilizing an iTunes application on your Mac OS X to become more useful and enjoyable for everyone

iTunes is a default media player application on the Mac OS X that often used for playing music, even though the iTunes application is still have capability to playing a video or read a digital book that you buy from the iTunes store. Actually the iTunes application is have another powerful features that can make it users more enjoy to use an iTunes application, in addition to shop a book, movie or any kinds of stuff that sell on the iTunes store.

We have compile several resources from several websites that will gives you a simple knowledge on how to using, utilizing and optimizing an iTunes application to become more useful, there is no complicated or difficult steps to follow tips, tricks or tutorial on the iTunes application resources below and also there is no one applications to downloaded is needed to be able following all of it resources.

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6 Things You Should Read About iTunes


5 Ways to Use iTunes

This article teach you how to using the iTunes application for several purposes, such as adding music from CDs, tracking duplicate music on the iTunes library, creating smart playlist, burning music playlist into CDs directly from iTunes, and also tutorial on how to sync iTunes library on a Mac with the iTunes on the iOS devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone. Read the rest

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iTunes 11 Useful keyboard Shortcut

This tips is fully works on the iTunes 11 only, however there was several keyboard shortcut that also works on the earlier iTunes version, so if you have the iTunes 11, then this tips might be useful and can change how the way to use the iTunes application to become more easier, and if you have an earlier iTunes version, nothing is wrong to read it. Read the rest


Backup & Restore iTunes Library to External Drive

Something that very important to do with your iTunes library, making a backup of your iTunes library into external hard drives is a great idea, you can save and keep your iTunes library from several worst case that cause you lost all iTunes library on the main hard drive, the article that originally written on the iTunes helper will guide you how to backup and restore the iTunes library into external hard drive. Read the rest

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Tips & Tricks iTunes Match

Several tips and tricks from Macworld on how to use and utilize the iTunes Match service to become more efficient, this article will teach you how to use iTunes Match using many Apple IDs under one iCloud, how to fix iTunes match error tracks, iTunes Match troubleshooting tips, and many more tips and tricks that relate to iTunes Match. Read the rest


Make Free Ringtones with iTunes

Making free ringtones of your favorite song by using iTunes, a simple and easy technique that can you follow to make a jingle or ringtones of your favorite song by using iTunes application, this trick is not only works on the iTunes in Mac OS X but also on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Read the rest

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Activate iTunes Home Sharing

Simple guide that will teach you on how to activate a home sharing feature on the iTunes and also includes several tips to optimizing and troubleshooting a Home Sharing. By following this guide you can share the iTunes library on the Mac OS X with your own iOS devices. Read the rest

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Date: December 26, 2013

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