Intensify: Mac Application For Photographers That Loves Details

Discover the deepest level of details in digital photography with Intensify app for Mac, help you to create outstanding dramatic photo works with details that you never seen before

To become a professional photographer, everyone should understand what it is the art of photograph, in addition also they must be mastered the photography technique, whether it how to shot and how to retouching photos in digital. Almost of all photographers right now has been using digital DSLR camera to produce high quality photography, but not only that, the photographers is also need additional stuff to make their photos better, such as lens, flash, etc. Beside all of that expensive stuff, the photographers in this era will also need digital photo retouching application that installed on their computer. For Apple Mac computer users with OS X installed on it, they might would feels happy, because there are so many photo retouching applications that available for Mac OS X platform.

One of it is Intensify app, even tough this digital photo retouching application is not as advanced as Photoshop, but it’s powerful enough to make your digital photos better and outstanding. Intensify app is not as expensive as all of those digital photography hardware stuff, and it’s cheap enough but can make your digital photos more amazing. Intensify app is very recommended for photographer that loves details, Intensify app can help you adjust each parameters of digital photography that can make your photos looks outstanding and more details, such as pro contrast, structure, detail, and micro sharpness across highlight parameters can be easy adjusted by Intensify app.

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Intensify: Mac Application For Photographers That Loves Details


Enhance Your Photos To Get Details

Intensify app has includes variety of parameters adjustment that can you use to take your photos into the deepest level of details, basically the Intensify app has brought 4 adjustable details enhancement tools, including Pro contrast, Structure, Details, and Micro Sharpness. You can enhance your photos with all that available tools to get the details of your photo and rid out any kind of haloes on edges and noise in the photo.

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Ultimate Details Adjustment Preset

Intensify app developer has include much of presets that can help you to automate your digital photo enhance workflow. With just on-click you can get better photos with amazing details, presets that included on the Intensify app is separate into each related category, help you to quickly discover the right preset for your photo. In addition, you are also allowed to save your own preset or customize from built-in preset to be reusable preset for next time.


Color Tuning

By using Intensify app you are also able to tune color of photo to be come more clear and shine, there was various color tuner that can be adjusted easily, including Color Temperature, Basic Tone, Exposure, Shadow Recovery, Saturation, as well as Vignette and opacity effect that can make your digital photo more outstanding.

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Enhance Selected Area Of Photos

Intensify app for Mac OS X enable you to mark specific areas only of photos to be enhanced, which means not all photo area will be affected by adjustment and enhancement, you can do it by using brush, yes, brush that also adjustable, simply mark your photos in specific area that want to enhanced with brush, and you can immediately to enhance it without worry affected to all your photo area. To get your photo more outstanding, you can also applying multiple layers to stack effects and control masked areas.


Mac OS X Compatibility

Intensify app is works seamlessly in the Mac OS X, but make sure you have at least Mac OS X 10.7 or later with 64-bit processor support installed in your Apple Mac computer. Intensify app has support 16-bit image processing with RAW files support. So, the photographers can directly import and enhance their photo from DSLR camera into Intensify app without converting them first into general image formats.  ( Download Intensify app )

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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