Makeover Your Beautiful Face On Photo With Beautune App

Makeover & Shining Your Beautiful Face With Beautune App

Makeover & Shining Your Beautiful Face With Beautune App



Beautune App is simple photo retouching and enhancing application for Mac OS X that allow you to makeover your beautiful face with digital retouching method

Sometimes you have a photos that looks not well, due to the taking of photo method or bad camera that used to take your photo, or even because of yourself that not ready to be photographed. Discovering technology nowadays, making you easy to adjust and enhance photo that looking bad with just a simple computer application, such as Beautune App, this application is works under Mac OS X platform, so make sure you have an Apple computer device that installed Mac OS X inside it, by using Beautune App you can makeover your photos with just a simple steps, no need advanced knowledge in photo editing or spent more hours to learn advanced photo editor application.

With Beautune App you can edit and enhance your beautiful face on photo with basic tools provided, Beautune App has separate various makeover tools into related section, you can makeover a whole of your face on photo digitally, ranging from face, eyes, mouth, and advanced makeover tool, Although this photo retouching application is designed especial for women, but it’s not limited to men also. Let knowing some of makeover tools that provided by Beautune App, including brush, blemish fixer, skin smoother, red eye remover, eye shadow, and many more tools to beautify your face on digital photo.


Makeover & Shining Your Beautiful Face With Beautune App


Face Makeover Tools

Making yourself younger and beautiful in photo by using various makeover tools for your face, choose Foundation brush to make your face more brighten and shining, on this section you have an option to remove wrinkle on your face, it make you looking more younger, and then you can add blush to highlight your cheekbones and make your face on photo more beautiful, in addition you can also remove blemish in your face to get the best of your face in photo. Don’t ever think to do plastic surgery to your beautiful face, simply let Beautune App to reshape your face in photo to get the best face as you want.


Makeover Your Eyes

Forget to buy expensive mascara or eyeliner cosmetics, let Beautune App to enhance and beautify your eyes with various tools to makeover your eyes, currently, the Beautune App has provide with some basic tools, including red-eye remover, eyes enlarging, eye pop, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and eye shadow, all of it can you use to makeover your beautiful eyes without spending more bucks to buy cosmetics, but yeah, this is only works for digital photos, and does not for your real face.


Colorize Your Lip and Whiten Your Teeth

Beautune App allow you to colorize lip and whiten your teeth in photo, you simply using tools provided to makeover your mouth and make em more beautiful in photo, you can choose any color for lips that match with your beautiful face.


More Advanced Tools & Photo Effects

This photo retouching and makeover application has provide with more advanced tool to enhance your photo, there was various photo effects that also able to adjust is ready to be applied into your photo, all photo effects that provided by Beautune App will be make your face in photo more beautiful and especially designed to sustain all makeover tools that carried on this application.

Some of basic tools for simple photo editing is also available, including crop tool, defocus tool to create depth of field effects, detail tool to sharpen your face in photo, and clone tool.


Mac OS X Compatibility

To be able running Beautune App on your Mac, you will need installed Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Beautune App has been integrated with various social media website, which is allow you to share your photo directly within the application, this photo retouching application is also have fully optimized for Retina display technology, let you to edit your photo in bigger size and more details.  ( Download Beautune App )

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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