iStudiez Pro: Mac Scheduling & Task Manager App For Student Life’s

 Mac Scheduling & Task Manager App For Student Life’s

iStudiez Pro: Mac Scheduling & Task Manager App For Student Life’s



Take care of your schedule in simple and easy to use application that designed especial for student life’s, iStudiez Pro App for Mac OS X gives you an easy way to scheduling student tasks

Have you ever felt confuse with a lot of tasks and homework that given by your lecture that sometime overlapping with your own deadlines, if so, then you might need to manage all your tasks and student life’s in scheduling application, to make your life easier in managing and rearranging every tasks that overlapping with student life’s. If you have brought an Apple computer with Mac OS X installed inside it, then iStudiez Pro is one of task scheduling application that you should put in your Mac, iStudiez Pro become task scheduling application that designed especial for student life’s, with iStudiez Pro app you will never miss again of any course, lecture and lab, deadlines, homework and assignments, all of your schedules is managed very well in iStudiez Pro application.

In addition also, the iStudiez Pro is very suitable for teacher or lecture that aiming to track down all the courses and classes that them lead. All side of view and appearance of iStudiez Pro App have been designed especial for student life’s, it was indicated by many of class icon that can be used to mark your class types and extracurricular activities, and also more features to support your life’s as student in university or even high school, iStudiez Pro will make your task scheduling more efficient in many ways.


iStudiez Pro: Mac Scheduling & Task Manager App For Student Life’s


Organizing Task Schedule

Designed to be easy to use for everyone, iStudiez Pro let you to put campus life schedule and personal schedule for then organized in single window of application. Enter course details, including lecture with all elated information’s, such as office hours, phone number, email address and more. In the iStudiez Pro application you are as a student also have own rights to add holiday period and cancel separate classes in case you have more important things to do. Adding, delete and edit schedule is very possible with iStudiez Pro App.

iStudiez Pro has built-in feature to track your homework and assignment that given by class lecture, view all homework and assignment in special section, then organize all of it by sorting through date, course, priority, or sort them into pending and completed. iStudiez Pro is also allow you to add other persons, let say one of your group work into any of your assignment by choosing directly from contacts or create new contacts if the person hasn’t added to contact yet.


Overview All Schedules

By adding new schedule to iStudiez Pro app, by automatically all task under your schedule will be available in overview section, which is can be used to see all of your events and assignments including all details such as event type, location, time left, class instructor, number of tasks pending and what’s next on schedule. With iStudiez Pro appall your task and schedule is well managed. Because designed especial for student life’s, the iStudiez Pro app has allow you to track grade / GPA based on assignment, and also provide you with GPA calculator for current and past semesters.


Backup & Cloud Sync

You can save and backup your entire schedule in iStudiez Pro app into external file for then restored in case you need it, in addition to backup, the iStudiez Pro app also allowing you to sync all schedule over cloud with all iOS devices you have, but make sure you are also installing iStudiez Pro on your iOS device, so all entire schedule in iStudiez Pro app at Mac will also available in iStudiez Pro app at iOS, either it iPhone, iPad or even iPod.


Mac OS X Compatibility

You can install and run iStudiez Pro app on the Mac OS X 10.6 or later, the latest version of iStudiez Pro app has support multiple language, ranging from Chinese, France, Dutch, German, and more. With iStudiez Pro app your study plan will be more efficient and organized. ( Download iStudiez Pro )

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