NoteSuite: Note Taking, Document Management & To-Do List In One Place

Note Taking, Document Management & To-Do List

NoteSuite: Note Taking, Document Management & To-Do List In One Place



Full-featured note taking app for Apple Mac OS X, helps you to stay focus on everything that matters in one application window that very easy to organized

Accompany your days with notes that will help you to remember everything to do and what to remember, nowadays carrying a journal book or agenda book is not something that matters to remember what next to do or what to remember, there was so many alternatives for journal book or agenda book in other form, which means, not real a paper of journal book or agenda book, but software or application that installed into devices you have, if you already own Apple computer devices with Mac OSX or iOS devices, then you might need to know NoteSuite application, a simple and modern way of note taking and to-do list in your hand.

NoteSuite App helps you organize all of notes, documents and to-do list in one place, simplicity and modern way of note taking application can you get on NoteSuite App, designed with streamline and clean user interface, allowing you to use the NoteSuite App without any hassle, mix a notes with to-dos list, media files including images and audio recording and document on single page. NoteSuite also lets you rearrange items in lists by dragging bullets and focus on one thing at a time by expanding and shrinking sub-lists. NoteSuite App have it own basic text formatting, you can create simple note with formatted text without need to use a complex word processing app or similar.


Note Taking, Document Management & To-Do List



Note Taking App That’s Just Work

NoteSuite App  allow you to  include to-dos, media files including images and audio into your note, let all mixed in single page of note, don’t forget to add item list in your note as well by using bullet sign, let you easy to create list of anything outside of to-do list.


Include To-Do Management

Stay organize your to-dos in dedicated to-do list management window, you can view all to-do list that you have created before, you can edit, delete as well as add new to-do list, you are also able to set reminders for either due dates or start dates, in the to-do list management window of NoteSuite App you can also able to instantly view everything that’s due today in one list, create sub-lists for projects, set up repeating to-dos, and much more.


Web Clipper

Save web page directly into NoteSuite App by using integrated button at your installed web browser, currently the NoteSuite App has been integrated with Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox web browser, you can save web page by using button or shortcut of NoteSuite App on mentioned web browser, you are also able to combine multiple web page into single article that very easy to read and culture-free, web page you save into NoteSuite App is searchable as text note.


Document Management & Organizer

Store much of document into NoteSuite App library to make all your essential documents organized well in one place. NoteSuite App has support multiple document and file formats PDF, MS Office files, text files, images, and much more documents formats, you are also able to attach documents or files into note for additional information. All text based documents and files that stored into library are searchable by search engine of NoteSuite App.


Flexible Organizing

You can organize all items that stored into NoteSuite App, either it notes, web clipping, to-dos documents and files, you are simply add tags into each item and stored into related folder, make sure you have creating separate folder for easy organizing you items, even though without tagging the items you are also able to organize by folder and find them by search engine of NoteSuite App.


iOS synchronization

Simply one click, you can sync all notes and library items with your iPad devoices, make sure you re also installing NoteSuite App on your iPad device to get receive notes and items from NoteSuite App on Mac OS X. NoteSuite App is utilizing iCloud service to perform synchronization.


Mac OS X Compatibility

You can installing NoteSuite App on the Mac OS X 10.7 or later, NoteSuite App has also include more than 20 keyboard shortcut for easy navigating without mouse, the application is also small enough, it’s no more than 23.0MB of size, NoteSuite App is not requires you to subscribe to it service, you simply download and buy NoteSuite App for $4.99 and you get all of it stuff. ( Download NoteSuite )

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