Sharing Files Between Mac & iOS Devices With Free DeskConnect App

Sharing Files Between Mac & iOS Devices

Sharing Files Between Mac & iOS Devices With Free DeskConnect App



DeskConnect App is free Mac OS X app that let you to share files or items between Mac OS X and iOS devices, DeskConnect App will push the items to or from your Mac

How to share files between Mac OS X and iOS devices? Might be you have read many of online tutorials to do it, but now we want to introduce the DeskConnect App, a free Mac OS X app that allow you to push items or files between Mac and iOS device which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod without any hassle, by using DeskConnect App you can share any files such as, audio, video, documents, images, clipboard and more, not only that, the DeskConnect App is also can be integrated with Mac web browser that allow you to send being open web page to iOS devices or vice versa, in addition, DeskConnect App also capable to send Driving direction from or to Mac.

DeskConnect App is very easy to use, you just simply download and install to your Mac, then setting up and configured, but you need to know, if the DeskConnect App is only works with iOS device that also installed DeskConnect App, you can download and install the DeskConnect App for each iOS device, currently the DeskConnect App has cover all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod. So you can use the DeskConnect App to share files between Mac and all iOS devices.


Sharing Files Between Mac & iOS Devices


Support Any Kinds Of Files

As we mentioned above, if the DeskConnect App is support many kind of items to share, and DeskConnect App has support the most popular formats from each item category, such as if you want to send audio file, then DeskConnect App is support almost of popular audio formats, such as Mp3, WAV, and more.


Making Phone Calls From Mac

Did you know, if the DeskConnect App has supports phone calls, you simply select phone number at contact in your Apple address book, then make sure you have right click on that phone number, and certainly you will found “Call Via DeskConnect” menu, this feature is also works with other apps on Mac OS X, anywhere you found phone number in text format, then you can make  phone calls from your Mac, for note, if this feature is only works with iPhone that also installed DeskConnect App.


Integrated With Mac Applications

Currently, the DeskConnect App have some limitation of integrated service, but don’t worry, you can make it more integrated with others application in your Mac OS X or even with your own workflow, what you need is knowledge of AppleScript and Automator to make integration between DeskConnect App and other applications. The default application that can be integrated with DeskConnect App, including Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Word App.


Drag & Drop Support

Drag file from anywhere from your Mac, then drop to the DeskConnect App and it’s automatically pushed the files into your iOS device you choose, you are also able to drag received files or items from iOS devices and drop to any supported location in your Mac.


Mac OS X Compatibility

DeskConnect App has no usage limits, is free to use, and doesn’t require a direct Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Your devices can be twenty feet or twenty miles apart. DeskConnect App can be installed on Mac OS X 10.6 or later with 64-bit processor support. Send and receive files between Mac and iOS devices become easier with DeskConnect App. ( Download DeskConnect )

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