Powerful Audio Editing & Recording App For OS X – Colorful Wave

Audio Editing & Recording App For OS X

Powerful Audio Editing & Recording App For OS X – Colorful Wave



Simple yet powerful audio editing app for OS X platform, also powered with long time audio recording capability, Colorful Wave App has support almost of popular media formats

Audio recording, editing and Mac is a unity that can be separated, almost many of professional recording studio has using Mac for their base of audio recording and editing technology, in addition to powerfully of Apple Mac computer machine, the availability of much professional audio editing app as well as audio editing app that officially developed by Apple, is makes audio engineers to switch to Mac for their audio editing and recording technology, there were also professional audio editing app that developed by third party developer, such as Colorful Wave App, one of Mac audio editing app that built for professional audio engineers, also with capability of long time audio recording.

Designed with simplicity of user interface, the Colorful Wave App come to you and offers much of feature for audio editing needs, as well as audio recording, audio effects or audio filters and much of audio editing tools that will make your music more amazing. In the Colorful Wave App you are also introduced with new technology of disk caching that will make recording and editing of long audio become more powerful and fast. Like another audio editing app, the Colorful Wave App is also support almost of popular media formats right now.


Powerful Audio Editing & Recording App For OS X - Colorful Wave


Support Multiple Channel

Colorful Wave App has support multiple channel audio as well as 5.1 channel, this audio editing app is also compatible with almost of sound card device that installed into your Apple Mac computer machine, If you want to use the Colorful Wave App in professional recording studio, make sure you have standard or even better sound card device for studio recording needs to get the highest quality of sound or music.


Support USB Microphone

By using Colorful Wave App you can utilize USB microphone for recording audio, but also make sure your USB microphone have great quality to ensure you get the best audio recording result, in addition to support of USB microphone, the Colorful Wave App is also support Mac built-in microphone port, so you can choose one of Microphone platform, in case you don’t have one of each.


Much Of Audio Filters & Effects

Colorful Wave App has provides you with much of audio filters and effects according to professional audio editing needs, currently this Mac audio editing app has provide you with Low pass filter, High pass filter, Band pass filter, man to women voice, Amplify/Volume, Delay, Fade In, Fade Out, Distortion, Dynamics Processor, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Matrix Reverb, Multiband Compressor, Peak Limiter, Pitch, Roger Beep and more.


Audio Formats Supported

Don’t worry with your audio format you have right now, because the Colorful Wave App has released with capability of wide support to the most popular audio formats, ranging from MP3, WAV, AIFF, M4A and much more, both as input and output.


Mac OS X Compatibility

According to the latest release of Colorful Wave App, you can run this Mac audio editing app on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later with 64-bit processor. Colorful Wave App is small and lightweight enough, no more than 12MB of size, and of course this Mac audio editing app will not consume much of hard drive space as well as memory resource. ( Download Colorful Wave )

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