Mac Note Taking App That Built-in Simplicity – Keep Note

Mac Note Taking App That Built-in Simplicity

Mac Note Taking App That Built-in Simplicity – Keep Note



Keep Note app is Mac note taking app that lightweight and clean, built-in simplicity user interface to provide you an easy way to write note in quickly

Simple, yes, that is impression when we saw Keep Note App, a Mac note taking app that built in simplicity user interface, forget about how difficulty for just writing simple notes in the word processing app or note taking app that enriched with many features, with Keep Note App you just simply writes, don’t need to spend you energy and time by open an advanced application as well as application that consume much of CPU resource for just writing note, simply Keep Note App and it’s just enough.

In addition to lightweight, the Keep Note app is also equipped with essential feature for writing simple notes, such as font setting, color setting, background option and mark important notes. When you write note on Keep Note app, your previous notes will be available for quick access right on the sidebar, so, you does not need to browse to the Mac hard drive to find notes file in directory, all title of notes will be displayed in the sidebar of Keep Note app, gives you an ease way to open previous notes.


Mac Note Taking App That Built-in Simplicity - Keep Note


Simple Operation & Easy To Use

With Keep Note app you don’t need to configure anything, you simply write and write your notes, moreover this Mac note taking app is not equipped with much operation, Keep Note app it’s just provide you with Undo and Redo operation for all actions, that can used in case you have any mistake with your notes.


Eight Background Notes Color

Keep Note app has provides you with 8 options of background color to choose for your notes, choose one of colors that match with your passion and notes you’ve write about, although you cannot specify your own colors for note background, but the 8 color that provide by Keep Note app it’s just enough.


Font Setting For Notes

By using the Keep Note app you don’t have much options to choose your own fonts style based on fonts that installed to your Mac, the Keep Note app is just provide you with less font selection and consist of 5 font style that you can choose, you can use multiple font style in single note, you can also set default font style in preferences setting of Keep Note app.


Mark Important Notes

When you have write a list note for task or reminder, you might want to mark one of lists on note that you think as important or favorite, with Keep Note app you can add ‘star’ onto list in the notes to mark the lists as favorite or important thing, you are also allowed to add ‘star’ onto one or more lists that you thing it’s important or favorite.


Mac OS X Compatibility

Unfortunately, the Keep Note app is not support image attachment, so you can not add image into your notes, but I think is not something important, you can go write notes without insert image into the notes. This Mac note taking app that have 2.7MB of size can be run on the Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. Keep Note app is also has support retina display technology. ( Download Keep Note )

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