Mac App To Synchronize Multiple Folders At Once – Smart Sync App

Mac App To Synchronize Multiple Folders At Once

Mac App To Synchronize Multiple Folders At Once – Smart Sync App



Smart Sync is a simple and easy to use Mac app that allow you to sync or backup files in a folder at once into another one or more folders on your Mac hard drive

Have you ever feel difficulty to sync or backup files in folder repeatedly into another folder? If so, you might need to know what it is Smart Sync App, a simple Mac OS X application that will help you to synchronize files between folders, Smart Sync App is able to work automatic or even manual, which means, you can stay focus to work while Smart Sync App synchronize all files between folders you have specify. Smart Sync App will make you more productive and effective without bother to synchronize files manually between folders by moving one-by-one file and comparing side by side at finder window.

Smart Sync App have all you need to make synchronization between folders on your Mac hard drive, such as synchronization rules that possibility to be customized a you need. In addition, this Mac App that allow you synchronize between folders is designed with clean and friendly user interface, let you to use and customize without any hassle.


Mac App To Synchronize Multiple Folders At Once - Smart Sync App


Synchronize Multiple Folders At Once

Don’t need to bother by copying your files one-by-one into another one or two folders manually, let Smart Sync App do it for you automatically, you just simply specify source folder and then choose sync target folder, and then let the Smart Sync App to finish the job. To synchronize one folder into multiple folders at once you can repeat the steps above, but with different sync target folders. In automatically all files that contained in source folder will be synchronized into several folders without bother to copying one-by-one that waste much your time.


Sync & Backup Mode

Smart Sync App has been equipped with Backup mode aside from sync mode, the Sync Mode option at Smart Sync App will synchronize all files between each folders you has specify before, both source and sync target, which means, all files that contained on the source folder will also available on the sync target folders, and it’s works vice versa. Sync mode has some own rules that able to customize as you needed. While Backup Mode at Smart Sync App is a mode that allow you to copying a whole files into target folder at one click, Backup mode will not copying back the files from target folder into source folder. It’s a difference between Sync Mode and Backup Mode.


Automatic & Manual Sync

Automatic sync at Smart Sync App is where you have specify synchronization task in ranging time, which means the Smart Sync App will start all sync job in ranging time you have specify without opens Smart Sync App window and hit ‘Sync Now’ button. You can choose from 10 minuets to 1 hour for Smart Sync App to run recurring sync job in automatically. While manual sync is where you never specify synchronization task in any ranging time. All synchronization process is running in the backgrounds, so will not interfere your work on the desktop.


Support File Format Filter

This Mac App to synchronize files between folder also have own file filter rules, which mean you can exclude one or more type of file format to be synchronized, you simply specify file format that you want to exclude in synchronization mode in filters window.


Mac OS X Compatibility

Smart Sync App is running on modern Mac OS X version, ranging from Mac OS X 10.6.8 to newer Mac OS X version, Smart Sync App is also running lightweight, not much consume Mac CPU and memory resource, you are also have quick access to Smart Sync App via Mac menu bar. ( Download Smart Sync )

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