Mac Mind Mapping App For Brainstorming Ideas – xLine

Mac Mind Mapping App For Brainstorming Ideas

Mac Mind Mapping App For Brainstorming Ideas – xLine



Create visual display of your ideas in xLine App, a simple and easy to use mind map app for Mac OS X that let you easy to organize and structuring your ideas in one page

Mind mapping is one of technique that being popular right now to visually our thoughts, it usually used for brainstorming ideas, when you want to create a project, planning or explain our thoughts in visual display that well structured, mind mapping usually looks like flow diagram that connecting your ideas by lines. There was so many mind mapping app for Mac OS X that can be used, one of them is xLine App. This mind mapping app is available on Mac App store, you can download directly from Mac App store and for automatically installed into your Mac.

xLine App is simple enough, not much configuration to do, you simply draw and visually your thoughts into page and connect them with lines. You can put any pieces of information or ideas in your head into page in many elements options, whether it shape, text, or even images. Once you have done adding elements that visualize your ideas into page, you can directly making connection between of each, and for the result you can see how different ideas could be connected together and create a plan of action.


Mac Mind Mapping App For Brainstorming Ideas

Mac Mind Mapping App For Brainstorming Ideas – xLine


Easy To Visualize and Organize your Ideas

As you can see on the picture above, if the xLine app it allow you put any information of your ideas into page, you simply type (if you choose text) what your master plan, and then followed by adding sub of to do list / subject from master plan, seem like confusing huh?, absolutely not, if you have experience using similar mind mapping app, you will be easy to using xLine app, it’s very easy to understand, even you have never experience using mind mapping app.


Multiple Elements For Mapping your Ideas

xLine app is compatible with multiple elements, you can combine all elements into single mind mapping or simply using one type of element, currently the xLine app is provide you with three kind of elements to visualize your ideas into page, including text, shape and picture. You can make connection between of each in single mind mapping page.


Customization Ideas Elements

You are allowed to customize any kind of elements that you put in the mind mapping page, such as change font color, font size, font type, line size, line color, line type, browse picture and more customization for shape element.


Very Clean User Interface

xLine app is well designed, you can focus to create visualization of your ideas without any distraction, xLine app is just provide you with clean user interface without any toolbar, all customization options are appear in floating menu, that of course is possible to disable.


xLine & Mac OS X Compatibility

xLine app is not requires high specification of computer engine and platform, you can run the xLine app in Apple Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.6 or later and has support 64-bit processor, since the size of xLine app it just 4.0MB, it become lightweight and not burden your Mac computer engine, whether it memory (RAM) or overall CPU load. (Download xLine App)

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