VSD Viewer – Open and View Visio on Mac

VSD Viewer – Open and View Visio on Mac

VSD Viewer – Open and View Visio on Mac



VSD Viewer is utility app for Mac that allow you to open and view Microsoft Visio drawing files on Mac OS X without using Microsoft Visio Software

Microsoft Visio is one of drawing software that are officially developed by Microsoft to provide you a platform for easiest and quickly drawing any diagram, basically the Microsoft Visio is suitable for network engineer, architect, and who need to create a simple up to complex diagram. But unfortunately the Microsoft Visio is not available for Mac OS X platform, not like as Microsoft Office that provides Mac OS X compatible version.

Due to the incompatibility of Microsoft Visio and Mac OS X, so you are not able to installing Microsoft Visio on your Mac, but of course there are available many alternatives app that are have similar function with Microsoft Visio for Mac OS X, so it’s not be a serious issue for Mac users. But it’s will become a serious issue, when you receive Microsoft Visio files (VSD and VSDX) from your co-worker or client, but due your Mac is not eligible to installing Microsoft Visio, then you can not open those VSD or VSDX files. But wait, there is always solution for case like this, in addition by installing Microsoft Windows on Mac or running Windows Microsoft Vision on Mac through emulator, you can use VSD Viewer app.


What’s VSD Viewer App

VSD Viewer app is a simple utility app for Mac OS X that will help you to open and view Microsoft Visio file formats, both VSD and VSDX on your Mac without needed Microsoft Visio itself, which in essence, you don’t need use and installing Microsoft Visio software for just opens VSD and VSDX file on your Mac.


Open and View Visio File Format on Mac

Both VSD and VSDX file formats can be opened with VSD Viewer app, you can did some basic operation with VSD and VSDX file format on VSD Viewer app, such as select and copy text, vie objects with tabulated text, view objects formatting, navigate multiple VSD document, scroll and zoom VSD documents and more basic operation. But you need to understand if the VSD Viewer app is not able to edit your VSD or VSDX file format, and its designed not as VSD file editor, but just VSD file viewer that can run under Mac OS X.


More Advanced Capability

In addition to basic operation that offered by VSD Viewer app, it also include some advanced options that can help you in working process with VSD or VSDX file format in VSD Viewer app under Mac OS X, including switch document layer visibility, processes OLE-objects, skip hidden objects, process EMF / WMF metafiles, view gradient-filled objects, view original dimension units, and many more. Although it’s just VSD viewer on Mac, but it has include some capability to help you work with VSD or VSD file format without needed installing Microsoft Visio Software.


Export or Convert VSD to PDF Document

In addition to open, view and perform basic operation with VSD and VSDX file format in VSD Viewer app, you are also allowed to convert VSD and VSDX file format to PDF document format for quickly. By converting the VSD and VSDX file format to PDF document format, you can open output PDF file on any PDF reader app on Mac. You can install and run the VSD Viewer app on Mac OS X with minimum requirement Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

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