DockView App – Instant Windows Preview At the Mac Dock

DockView App – Instant Windows Preview Mac Dock

Instant Windows Preview At the Mac Dock



DockView is a simple utility app for Mac OS X that extends functional of Mac dock, gives you the instant preview of inactive windows directly by hover over app icon on the dock

Dock at Mac OS X is one of important things, since the functions of the dock is make us easiest to access essential and recent used apps quickly, basically you are allowed to customize the Mac dock with various kind of customization, such as skin customization, dock size adjustment, choose magnification effects, and dock positioning. In addition to the customization options that has provided as default from Mac OS X, you can also extends the Mac dock functional by adding third party app that capable to customize the Mac dock, such as DockView app.

The main function of DockView app is provide instant live preview of inactive windows app, DockView app is very useful, such as in case when you want to open an inactive windows of app, you may need to open one-by-one the window app to get the correct window app, it’s often happened, when you use an application and open multiple windows at once, such as Web browser, Finder, or even word processing with multiple documents.


Instant Live Preview of Inactive Windows

DockView App is able to displaying multiple inactive windows of app you used in instant preview, the each inactive windows of app is not really open, it’s just displaying preview of inactive windows in small windows of preview mode, you are simply hover over mouse cursor to the app icon on the Mac dock and then for automatically the small windows popup will be displayed exactly with contents of app window.


Instant Activate Windows

While displaying instant preview of inactive windows app, you can directly choose one of inactive window on instant preview to get window app activated, it will help you to save more time, without open the inactive windows app one-by-one.


Number of Inactive Windows Badge

DockView App is also able to gives you the information about number of inactive windows app directly on the app icon at Mac dock, DockView App will display number of inactive window as badge, so you will be know how much exactly you have open windows of each app you used at the same time.


Customize Instant Preview Window Size

DockView App has allowing you to customize the size of instant preview window for any size you want, if you think the instant preview window is too small, then make them larger, this is also works vice versa.


Mac OS X Compatibility

To be able using DockView App on your Mac, you will need Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 with 64-bit processor, and the best thing of DockView App, it’s released as free app, but if you has used version 1.0 of DockView App, and plan to upgrade to the newer version, then you have to paid upgrade cost.

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