Turbo Word – Apple Mac Word Processor For Daily Writing Tasks

Lightweight word processor software for Apple Mac OS X platforms for daily writing tasks, suitable for academics, journalists, writers and others

Word processor is one of essential software for every personal computer users, either it Microsoft Windows PC, Linux PC or Apple Mac computer, and there is also available more choice of word processor software for each platforms, ranging from open source to commercial software. If you are Apple Mac user, you may need to know Turbo Word Software, a kind of word processor software that designed for daily writing tasks, help you to writes down everything that relate to your tasks for documented.

Turbo Word Software is very suitable for every academics, journalists, writers, and other professions that often need a tool to write note or document. Turbo Word is dedicated software that intended for word processing, and Turbo Word Software is not includes or built-in other productivity tools like other Office suite software, such as OpenOffice.org, iWorks, Microsoft Office and Libre Office.


Lightweight and Running Fast

At the glance you may thing, if the Turbo Word Software it’s just another Text editor with limited capability, moreover the whole size of Turbo Word Software installation package it just 1.5MB, it’s saves more your hard drive space and of course your Apple Mac computer will run the Turbo Word more faster. The conclusion is, even though the Turbo Word Software is lightweight enough, but it’s has carrying basic word processing capabilities for easy daily writing tasks.


Apple Mac Word Processor Daily Writing Tasks

Turbo Word – Apple Mac Word Processor For Daily Writing Tasks


Simple For Daily Writing Tasks With Basic Text Formatting

Turbo Word Software is very simple yet powerful for daily writing tasks, at first glance you will be said, if the Turbo Word Software it’s just Text editor, but wait, the Turbo Word it’s more than that, you will found basic text formatting feature as on others word processor software, such as font style, font size, text alignment, line spacing, etc.

In addition to basic text formatting capabilities, the Turbo Word Software is also able to embed picture from your Mac hard drive, even you can add hyperlink to any text on content. Turbo Word is also allowing you to insert Column or Table into content that possible to modify, either it cell border, or even cell background color.


Auto Save and Less Distraction While Writing

Never lost again the whole of document or latest paragraph due to the accident closes the word processor software or due to electric drop, the whole of your document will be save automatically by Autosave feature on the Turbo Word Software, so you don’t need bothered by clicking save button or even pressing shortcut on the keyboard to save the document.

To get more less distraction while writing, you can enable Turbo Word Software to window pinning mode, which’s keep the Turbo Word Software on the Top window while looking up others document. If you want to just writes without open others window, you can switch the Turbo Word Software to the full-screen mode, it’s gives you more productive environment without any distraction from other window.


Support Multiple Document Formats

Turbo Word Software is support multiple document formats as output and compatible with others word processor software, which means, you can open document file on other word processor software. Currently the Turbo Word Software has ability to save your writing document into various formats, including plain text (.TXT), Microsoft Word (.DOC , .DOCX), Rich Text Format (.RTF), Rich Text with Graphic Document (.RTFD), and OpenDocument (.ODT). Turbo Word Software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later with 64-bit processor.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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