Chronicle – Monthly Bill Organizer and Reminder App For Mac

Chronicle app help you to mark due date of monthly bills to avoid late payment that lead you get a penalty, a simple monthly bill organizer and reminder app for your Mac

Never late again to pay monthly bills by set up notification reminder on your Mac through Chronicle app, simple monthly bill organizer app for Mac OS X that able to run side-by-side with others financial app, it’s very suitable to accompany personal financial software that are not included bill reminder feature, so it became more complementary and not overlapping with your existing personal financial app.

Chronicle app can help to you organize your monthly bills, either it’s a recurring bill or one time bill, and also add reminder to due dates, so you never late again to pay any kind of your monthly bills, Chronicle app will remind you when bill are due, even if you are not being run Chronicle app on your Mac, the reminder notification will always displayed through Mac OS X notification center.


Organize Monthly Bills

Organizing your monthly bills is something that important, if you have streamlined data of your monthly bills, you can easy to track all your monthly expenditure and set reserve budget for pay all bills, it’s also help you to monitor financial health by stop one or more recurring bills that you think is not too important. Chronicle app offers you the easiest way to manage and organize monthly bill in single window application, you can add multiple monthly bill into Chronicle app database entry and add due date for each bill, so you can track due date of each bill with easy and never gain late to pay any bill. Chronicle app is also allowing you to edit and delete each bill you’ve added onto.


Monthly Bill Organizer and Reminder App For Mac

Chronicle – Monthly Bill Organizer and Reminder App For Mac


Built-in Calendar

Chronicle app has built-in calendar that let you easy to put bills on calendar, based on due date of bills, it’s help you to track visually of due date bill, the calendar is putted right on the Chronicle app sidebar, so when you add new bill and track your monthly bill on calendar views at once. Built-in calendar has integrated with Mac OS X notification center, so when you add bill due date to the calendar, it’s automatically create reminder alert for due date.


Reminders With Mac OS X Notification Center

As we mentioned above, if the Chronicle app has integrated their calendar with Mac OS X notification center, so the bill reminder alert will always displayed, even though you are not being run Chronicle app on Mac, so you never worries again to forget or late pay a monthly bills.


Sync With iPhone and Others Mac Over DropBox

To get the reminder notification of due date bills in wherever you are, you can get the advantage of synchronization feature of Chronicle app, but let me sure you have iPhone device, because it’s just works with Chronicle touch app in iPhone, in addition to Chronicle app on Mac. By synchronize your bill entry between Mac and iPhone, you can view, edit and get reminder notification of due date bills anywhere you go through Chronicle touch app on iPhone.


Built-in Web Browser For Online Bill Payment

You can directly pay bills online over Internet using built-in Chronicle app web browser, just in case your bill receiver has set up their own payment processor through Internet service, although it has built-in web browser, but you are also allowed to using your default web browser.


Include Payment Proof, History and Statistics

Chronicle app has add statistic and history bill payment, it’s makes you easy to track your bill payment on the past, you can see bill payment history by monthly, or you may compare bill payment of last year and current year. Chronicle app is also gives you analytic report of how much you spend money to pay all bills, You can run this monthly bill organizer and reminder app on Mac OS X 10.7 or later with 64-bit processor.

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