ScreenFlow – Mac Screencast Creator Tools + Video Editor Support HD Retina Display

Professional screencast creator tool to record Mac desktop screen and external DV camera into high quality video, ScreenFlow software has included advanced video editing tool as well as chroma key feature

ScreenFlow is a multi purpose screen recording tool for Mac OS X, allow you to create professional looking screencast video for everything need, such as creating software demos video, tutorial videos, training videos, presentation videos, or even advertising videos. Creating professional screencast video using ScreenFlow software is very easy and quickly, because what all you need to create high quality and professional screencast video has been in one place. So, you don’t need to buy and install separate screen recording tool and video editing tool on your Mac, simply ScreenFlow and it’s enough.


Highest quality screen recording and support retina display

ScreenFlow software will record your screen with highest video quality for resulting the best experience for screencast video audience, whatever the acitivity or motion on Mac screen that need to recorded, the ScreenFlow software will record in highest quality as possible and also record the audio from built-in audio, such as recording keynote presentation, video games motion, and other fast motion activity. Although the ScreenFlow software is produce high quality video, but this screencast tool is using custom multi-threaded SSE and 64-bit compression system that enable you to full screen capture with low file sizes.


Mac Screencast Creator Tools

Mac Screencast Creator Tools + Video Editor Support HD Retina Display


You can record full screen of retina display from supported Mac computer, the 64-bit compression system that we mentioned above and efficient algorithm allow you to record screen in 2880 x 1800 resolution, but also with smaller file sizes. ScreenFlow software has also includes the Recording timer feature, which is allow you to record video in specific duration period.


Support built-in iSight and external DV camera

In addition to recording your Mac screen desktop, you can also record video around you by using built-in iSight camera or DV camera, ScreenFlow software is also record the audio from DV camera or microphone that plugged into Mac. ScreenFlow software is support multiple camera type and able to record simultaneously from iSight or DV camera, so you can record everything from multiple source, whether it screen desktop, iSight camera and DV camera as simultaneously.


Professional video editing feature

Video editing tools that included on the ScreenFlow software, will help you to make your screencast video more beautiful and have professional looking, Once you finish to record video using one of video recording tool that has mentioned above, you can directly to retouch and edit your pre-made screncast video in ScreenFlow video editing.

ScreenFlow video editing has brings some powerful features that allow you to create professional looking screncast video, such as Multilayer track editing, that will help you to organize and manage every items in video you made, whether it main video, overlay video, images, text, and many more. As screencast creator software, the ScreenFlow software has included Mouse highlight feature, which is very useful to highlight cursor motion, ScreenFlow video editor is also enable you to add callouts and annotation to the object on your screencast video.

The others powerful features on the ScreenFlow video editing, including motion effects, such as distortion effects, blurring, alpha mask, color effects. And also transition effects that are consist of 2D and 3D transition effects, video titling as well as font formatting, and many more. The newest feature on the latest version of ScreenFlow software is chroma key support, which is allows you to create video using green screen technique to change the video background.


Support multiple formats video export

By using ScreenFlow software, you can export your screencast video into multiple video formats. ScreenFlow software is using x264 codec for faster encoding, ScreenFlow software has provides optimized preset video format for some platforms, such as web optimized (Youtube Vimeo, etc), iPhone optimized, iPad optimized and many more, you can also adjust video export settings as you need. You can find the others powerful video export tool by installing ScreenFlow software on your Mac.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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