NTIShadowExpress – Time Machine Alternative for Backup Software on Mac

The Mac backup software that able to sync backup files and folders in real-time and also able to clone or backup bootable hard drive partition, NTIShadowExpress is support many kind of drive storage type

One of important things for every computer users to save their valuable data from loss by any cause is by perform backup of their data to another drive storage, whether it network drive, 2nd drive partition, external drive, USB flash drive, etc. Performing backup data is not as hard as you think, there are many available backup tools that will guide you to backup your data to another drive storage, even though the Mac OS X is also built-in Time Machine backup software, but you may want to using the alternative of it, such as NTIShadowExpress.

NTIShadowExpress is offers many feature and capability, such as real-time synchronization between of files and folders backup, cloning hard drive partition, and filtering backup files. NTIShadowExpress will help you to backup your files and folder, even full drive partition to different drive storage, so your data will be always safe and available every time, even though your primary hard drive has been crushes, NTIShadowExpress is very easy to setup and use, you can quickly configure the NTIShadowExpress software to works as you desired for easy.


Easy and quickly backup files, folders and drive partition

By using NTIShadowExpress you can quickly backup your files and folders by perform simple configuration, the first thing you need to do is determine the folders and files on your Mac hard drive that you want to backup, and then select the destination drive storage that connected to your Mac, as I said before, you can using external hard drive, USB flash drive, network drive or 2nd drive partition, with NTIShadowExpress you can also easy to restore all files to a new hard drive or existing hard drive.


Backup Software on Mac

NTIShadowExpress – Time Machine Alternative for Backup Software on Mac


Continuous backup or scheduled

When you perform backup files and folders using NTIShadowExpress software, you can choose one of three backup modes that you will be used, the first mode is Continuous backup that allow you to get peace of mind without worry’s your latest files and folders is not on backup drive, the continuous backup mode will automatically backup your files and folders when there are changes on your files and folders. The second mode is Interval time, which is allow you to set the interval time to execute auto backup, you can choose interval time for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or more. And the third mode is scheduled backup, which is allow you to set the day and time to execute auto backup by NTIShadowExpress.


Real-time synchronization backup

Never again forgot to copy your latest files to USB drive, with NTIShadowExpress synchronization you can free from the case like this, when you hit the save button on software where you work, it will be automatically backup to your USB flash drive, so you will always getting the latest files of your work.


Clone hard drive partition

NTIShadowExpress allow you to clone hard drive partition without any hassle, you don’t need wasting time to copying all files on your hard drive partition to a new hard drive, let NTIShadowExpress do it for you automatically, cloning hard drive partition with NTIShadowExpress is very easy and fast. You can backup or clone of bootable drive partition, and you can also running that bootable drive partition without need restoring first, but you are also able to restore the hard drive partition of backup to a new drive partition immediately.


Filters backup files

NTIShadowExpress allow you to setup filter for files to be backup or not, you can add and remove file extension on the setting preferences window but as default, the NTIShadowExpress will be backup all your files.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 26, 2013

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