7 Desktop World Map Software For Mac OS X To Explore the World

Getting the advantage of Map software on Mac to help you explore the world and get insight of every part in this world, you can explore the world in 2D map or 3D map satellite imagery view

Exploring the world across continent is very cheap, you don’t need to book the flight ticket and reserve amount of money to pay hotel fee and others needs during exploration, No, this is not like what you think, don’t ever think you will be go explore the world in real, this is how you can enjoy the view of every parts of the world in virtual map, what you need is a set of computer and map software, for addition you may need an Internet connection.

There is much available Map software for Mac OS X that allow you to explore the world in virtual, you can see the views of some place in the part of world directly on your Mac without go to the real place. Sometimes the map software is also helping you to give direction in a place where you do not know about. You can get more advantage of map software by getting to know the 7 desktop world map software for Mac OS X that maybe help you in various ways.


Map $2.99

The software is named like what the function it, this Map software allow you to explore the maps in three view options, standard, satellite and hybrid, by using this Map software you can find out a place anywhere on this world, the Map software is also provide search field, which is allow you to find a place in this world by typing the keyword, Map software is also able to give you the current location tight now, full screen mode support, let you to see the map bigger size and more detail.

Map software for Mac

Map software for Mac


myOSM free

myOSM is desktop map software for Mac that allow you to view various type of Map, such as openstreetmap, cloudmade, NASA BlueMarble and opencyclemap, this Map software is storing map data on your Mac hard drive, so you can browse the map while offline or without Internet connection, myOSM is also allow you to download maps at different zoom levels and map region with easy. myOSM software is support full screen view, help you to see the map in bigger size, same as the previous map software, myOSM is also support tracking your current location on the map.

myOSM - map software for Mac

myOSM – map software for Mac


Map+ $3.99

Map+ is using Google map API to provide you map on Mac desktop, the feature that offers by Map+ is similar with Google map that you can access via web browser, you can view the map using standard, satellite, hybrid and terrain mode. Map+ is support zoom level like online Google map, you can get driving, walking, public transport or cycling direction. Also displaying traffic information for some place that supported, Map+ allow you to take screen of map and save them to your hard drive, the rest feature of Map+ is similar with online Google map.

Map+ software for Mac

Map+ software for Mac


World Book Atlas $0.99

World Book Atlas is 3D globe that using satellite photography, World Book Atlas is looks similar with Google earth, World Book Atlas gives you the experience like an astronaut that view the earth from galaxy. World Book Atlas is able to help you calculate the distance between two cities, you are simply enter starting and end points, and let the World Book Atlas software to calculate the distance between starting and end points.

World Book Atlas for Mac

World Book Atlas for Mac


Menu Map $0.99

Menu Map is one of map software for Mac that also using Google map service to provide map view to your Mac desktop, the difference between this map software and others is put small icon on the menu bar, to give you the quick access to the map, Menu Map allow you to find location quickly, simply click Menu Map on the menu bar and enter the city name in the search field, Menu Map is very simple map software for Mac.

Menu Map for Mac

Menu Map for Mac


MenuBar Map $1.99

MenuBar Map is very similar with the previous map software, and also using Google map service, this map software is put small icon on the Mac menu bar to give you quick access, when need to open map. Also support three modes of map view, satellite, hybrid and standard. MenuBar Map allows you to add annotation to the map by click on the map location. Currently, the MenuBar Map software has support for retina display, allow you to view the map in clearly and details.

MenuBar Map for Mac

MenuBar Map for Mac


Google earth

Google earth is available on free and business version, the map of earth software that developed by Google.inc, give you the easiest way to explore the world, directly on your Mac desktop. To using Google earth you will need an Internet connection, Google earth is provides much of powerful feature that are very useful for business and education.

Whatever map software do you use, you can get the advantage of it, whether it for business or education, you can learn geography, find the right place, travel direction, or anything needs related to the place information, map software is very helpful.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: June 18, 2013

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