Big Aperture: Photo Bokeh Effect for Mac With Over 16 Unique Bokeh Effects

Cheap photo editing app for Mac that allow your to create photo bokeh effect, Big Aperture app gives you the DSLR-level depth of field effect to provide stunning photo editing result

Taking photo with bokeh effect needed DSLR camera with an expensive lens, but currently you can skip that steps and processing bokeh effect to photo by using app that installed on your Mac, so you can save your money for another expenditures or save for future plan without buying an expensive DSLR camera with lens, there are many available photo editing app that capable to process bokeh effect to your photo, such as photoshop, pixelmator, Photo Studio and another photo editing app.

If you only need applying bokeh effect to photo, better you choose specific app that offer main capability on it, such as Big Aperture app, this is as not as you think, Big Aperture is only simple app that provide you the easiest way to creating bokeh effect on photo, you don’t need an advanced photo editing app that are mentioned above only for processing bokeh effect to photos, that’s overkill ! And also harder to use for beginner, Big Aperture app is offer great depth of field effect like DSLR camera gear, making the result is very smooth and clean.


Includes 16 unique bokeh effects

On the latest version of Big Aperture app, you can get 16 unique bokeh effects that are ready to use, you are simply choose one of bokeh effect you desired and adjust the parameter to fit as you need, some of bokeh effects that included on the Big Aperture app, including lights shinning in the out-of-focus area, shapes like stars and hearts, air effects, dreamy effects and many more. DLSR-level depth of filed that powered this app, let you to process bokeh effect on photo with clearly and smoothly result.


Photo Bokeh Effect Mac Over 16 Unique Bokeh Effects

Big Aperture: Photo Bokeh Effect for Mac With Over 16 Unique Bokeh Effects


Big Aperture app is also offer basic mode, which is allow you to customize settings for some kinds of photo, such as portraits, natural scenes, architecture, and macro photography, the basic mode of Big Aperture app let you to instantly define your focus and blur area in real-time, you can directly compared between original and result of photo in single window in real-time. Big Aperture app is equipped with adjustable brush, including opacity, diameter and softness.


Includes 40 amazing photo filters

In addition to main function as bokeh effect processing, the Big Aperture app is also built-in photo filters feature, which is enriched with 40 photo filters that ready to use, you can easy to apply filter to your photo with no-time, photo filters that included on the Big Aperture app, including Lomo, Analog, Black and White, Classic Style and more. This app is really gives you the experience to playing with creativity.


Includes 20 borders style

Continuing your creativity by adding stylish border to the photo, there was 20 borders that included on the Big Aperture app, simply choose one of border add to your photo, and damn..! Your photos become more amazing. DLSR level depth of filed, photo filters and borders are greats combination to make your photo more beautiful and amazing.


Include color adjustments

Big Aperture app is provide color adjustment feature that also offered by other photo editing software, such as brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, saturation adjustment, and more color adjustment. Each color parameter is adjustable, you can make your photos looks as you desire.


Support and requirement

You simply provide Apple computer machine with Mac OS X 10.6 or later installed in it, and Big Aperture app is ready to installing in it. Big Aperture app is compatible with various image formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and RAW file formats, currently; the Big Aperture app is support up to 40 mega pixel photo resolution to edited. So, now is not a big deal to get bokeh effect on your photos without professional DSLR camera gears, just spend your $1.99 to buy Big Aperture app.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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