Easy To View Hardware Information on Mac CPU With Mactracker

Easy to use utility app for Mac OS X that provide you tool checker to get and displaying Mac hardware information without hassle to typing command line on terminal

Knowing the details spec of your Mac CPU by using this simple utility tool app checker for Mac OS X, getting to know all about your Mac CPU without any hassle, simply download and installing Mactracker app on your Mac, and you will get all information about your CPU with help of this free app. All details information about your Mac CPU will be displayed in simple and clean interface window, help you easy to understand all information provided.

Mactracker app gives you the easiest way to find hardware CPU information on Mac in detailed, Mactracker app is supports various Apple Mac machine, including old Mac machine, such as Power Macintosh and Power Mac G3, G4 and G5 and of course Mactracker app is also supports modern Mac machine such as iMac and MacBook. The information’s that provided by Mactracker app is related to your Mac CPU hardware, such as Processors, Software version, Memory, Graphic Card and more.


Mac Computer machine supported

This free tool app allow you to find and view all related Mac CPU hardware information in details, when you finish installing Mactracker app on your Mac, you simply run it, and you will provided some Apple machine categories to choose, So choose the right Mac computer model with your own, there was iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, Power Macintosh, Power Mac G3/G4/G5, and Notebook version of Apple compurter such as iBook, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook pro, PowerBook, and PowerBook G3/G4.


View Hardware Information on Mac CPU

Easy To View Hardware Information on Mac CPU With Mactracker


You simply choose one of Mac computer model that fit with your own Mac computer, and as quickly your will get all information about your Mac CPU hardware, each Mac computer category is contain the same Mac computer model with different version and release date. Definitely your Mac computer machine model will on the lists, because the Mactracker app is includes all Mac computer models.


Hardware connected information

In addition to displaying Mac CPU hardware information’s, the Mactracker app is also able to displaying hardware information that connected to your Mac machine, such as Apple mice, keyboards, display, printers, scanners, cameras, Apple TV, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Wi-Fi and more.


Details information of Mac CPU hardware

Mactracker app is gives detailed information about Mac CPU hardware, you can view your Mac CPU hardware in single window overview or each own tab, the detail information that will you get, including introduced date, model, serial number, order number, initial price, weight and dimension, processor model, processor speed, processor architecture, number core, cache, graphic card model, memory model, memory size, software version, and many more. Mactracker app is also gives you information suggestion for expansion options, it will help you, when you decide to upgrade your Mac CPU hardware to become more powerful.

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