Tweetbot: Best Mac Twitter Client App for Multiple Accounts Management

Tweetbot is the best Mac OS X app that support multiple twitter accounts at one place, easy to switch between Twitter accounts and also full-featured twitter client app

How much you have twitter accounts currently? One, two or maybe more than 3, if so, are you experienced difficulty to manage and using all account or switch between of them at same time, if you have experienced such as mentioned, you may need a Mac twitter client app that support multiple Twitter accounts at one place for easy Twitter accounts management and also provide the easiest way to switch between twitter accounts. One of twitter client app for Mac that supports multiple Twitter accounts is Tweetbot.

Tweetbot is Mac twitter app that designed to bring most of Twitter features into your Mac desktop, Tweetbot provide you the easiest way to access twitter accounts like on the original website directly on your Mac desktop without using web browser, Tweetbot is also gives you a lot of twitter accounts customization and settings, user interface customization, also sound and animation customization, this Mac twitter client app is offers many advantages for twitter users, so let’s check out some powerful feature from Tweetbot.


Support multiple twitter accounts

Doesn’t matter how many you have amounts of twitter accounts, Tweetbot will manage it very well, you can easy to switch between all Twitter accounts without any hassle, even you can displaying all timelines from different Twitter account side by side in different windows, so you can monitoring all twitter accounts at once, be it mention, search results, direct message, post, and more. Multiple twitter accounts can be also separated by columns view, it very recommended for users who prefer to be more organized, you simply attach multiple windows of different Twitter accounts into one column view.


Best Mac App for Multiple Twitter Accounts

Tweetbot: Best Mac Twitter Client App for Multiple Accounts Management


Organized Twitter timeline and lists

Tweetbot allow you to create, edit, delete, and add users to your Twitter lists, no need go to original website to managing and organizing twitter lists. Tweetbot is also allowing you to use Twitter lists as time line, whether it on single window mode, multiple windows mode or even one columns view. The Twitter timeline on Tweetbot is also includes inline media preview thumbnail, that displaying small thumbnail of image or other media, Tweetbot is also has support for many services that integrated with Twitter, such as Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, CloudApp and more.


Block message and hashtags

This Mac twitter client app was include mute filters that enable you to applying rules to your twitter accounts, such as blocking message from others without unfollow them, in addition to block message, Tweetbot is also allow you to block or mute hashtags and specific keyword, let your twitter timeline clean from various unwanted Twitter post.


Edit profiles, block users, view trending topics

By using Tweetbot, you can edit your twitter profiles directly on the app, such as change profile picture, etc. Blocking and reporting twitter user is also included on the Tweetbot, so, you can block and report twitter users directly from this twitter client app. View the current trending topics on local and worldwide is also supported.


Mac compatible

The Mac twitter client app that support multiple Twitter accounts is optimized for retina display and integrated with notification center (Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 only) is able to run on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 or later. Tweetbot is possible to sync through iCloud with Tweetbot on the iPhone and iPad.

There is much available Twitter client app for Mac that developed by third-party beside the Official Twitter app for Mac that released by Twitter, you can check the another 5 Twitter App for Mac on the past article.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 27, 2013

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