Freeway – Macintosh Web Design Software

Freeway is a macintosh web design software that helps you to create a unique web design without having to think hard to write a code, Freeway Web design software allows you to save a lot of time to create an amazing website design, with a graphic user interface and navigation are easy to understand , lets you quickly build a website, many features will you get on the Freeway web design software that will help you to create a interesting content for standard website like, Image Galleries and Slideshows with Freeway Showcase, Add Google Maps, add YouTube videos, and more support for the website content that you create using Freeway Web design software that you can find in

Freeway - macintosh web design software

Freeway - macintosh web design software

If you are lazy enough to make a layout or template for website, Freeway Web design software has been providing a variety of templates that you can use directly or through editing first, however if you have enough time, you can concentrate on using all your creativity to create a stunning web design layout. As a professional web designer, you can change the whole of  a website graphic user interface elements such as fonts, sizes, and colors, with this Freeway web design software you can also make menu navigation very easy by using CSS menu action contained in the Freeway web design software. this macintosh web design software has fantastic features that mentioned in their official website 

Input Methods

  • Localized interface matches your Mac’s language settings
  • Fully Unicode compliant input, for multilingual publishing in a single document

Transparency Support

  • Use layered, transparent Photoshop and Illustrator files directly in your layout
  • Use 24-bit PNG files with 8-bit transparency
  • Create transparent or translucent graphics directly in Freeway 5
  • Output PNG-24 (8-bit Alpha channel) images for true transparency in the browser

Built-in Incremental Updates

  • FTP
  • Secure FTP (SFTP & FTPS)
  • MobileMe/.Mac

Font Handling

  • Compose graphic text headlines and art using any active font on your Mac
  • PostScript, TrueType, OpenType
  • Full OpenType alternate glyph selections
  • Kerning, tracking, baseline shift
  • Spell-checking, even within graphic text

Graphics Handling

  • Use graphics of nearly any format and resolution
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support
  • Built-in resampling and compression
  • Composite images automatically
  • Slice images automatically
  • Composite images with editable graphic text

CSS Layout

  • Pixel-positioned layouts
  • Relative page layouts
  • Percentage dimensions
  • Float and fixed layout objects

CSS Styling

  • Full and partial CSS text styles
  • Structural and semantic tags
  • Percentage, em, pixel dimensions

Output Methods

  • UTF-8 (Unicode)
  • Automatic Text Encoding
  • Standards-compliant
  • XHTML Strict
  • XHTML Transitional
  • HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • HTML 4.01 Strict
  • HTML 3.2

Freeway Web design software has two different versions, that is freeway pro and freeway express, which has the same function but with different features, using Freeway pro you will get full features to build a website, but if you choose Freeway Express, you will lost most interesting features of this Freeway web design software. freeway is a macintosh web design software that is suitable for users of Macintosh computers that do not quite have the ability to write code to create a website, There is no reason not to try Freeway Web design software is not it?

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