Simple and Fun to Writes Journal Using Memories App on Mac

Writing journal entry on the Memories App to help you always remember every moment in your life, the simplest diary App to writes journal which may include, images, videos and sound

Write every moment in your life without hassle in Memories App, a simple and easy to use writing journal app for Mac OS X, doesn’t matter what the kind of your job, the Memories App is right solution to write every journal or notes of you. Memories App is powerful and easy to use enough, equipped with streamlined and intuitive user interface, makes you more comfortable in writing journal on Memories App. This writing journal app is also equipped with integrated security that also includes secure encryption to ensure transmission security while syncing over iCloud.


Streamlined and clean user interface

Memories App enable you to fun in writing journal, don’t think too hard in how to use Memories App, because it’s very simple, the streamlined user interface let you to access any important function and feature in quickly, the clean user interface of Memories App let you to focus on writing journal and even you can change into full-screen mode view for more focus writing journal, open and view the latest or past journal entry in quickly way by clicking journals entry list at the sidebar of Memories App.


Writes Journal App on Mac

Writes Journal Using Memories App on Mac


Powerful and integrated function

You can add images, videos, and sound to the journal you’ve written in Memories App by drag and drop, whether it from finder or web browser, even you are allowed to take directly photos and videos through built-in iSight camera and automatically added into the journal page. Tidy up and beautify your journal text with styles and formatting, including fonts, colors text alignment and more. To ensure your written journal is saved to Mac hard drive you may enable auto-save feature, for easiest way to write down journal entry, the Memories App has includes built-in speech and dictation capability.

Basically Memories App is allow you to add current weather into your journal, but regarding to the free Yahoo PlaceFinder APi service has been shutdown, this feature is not able to use and unavailable at this time, and the developer still looking for new way to enable this feature by finding another weather service that enable to fetch weather data. In addition the weather, Memories App is also allow you to add location map into your journal, it‘s allow you to remember where are you during writing these journal, when you look back the journal in the future. This writing journal app has integrated with notification center as reminder to write journal.


Security password and encryption

To ensure your journal entry always safe from other hands, you can enable password protection and auto-lock, you simply add password and configure amount of time to activate auto-lock function. If you need un-guessable password, you may need using password generator software like 1Password. In addition, Memories App is also equipped with secure encryption using AES-256, it will make password and sync transmission are safe.


Secure iCloud sync

You can sync all journal entry over iCloud service, so you can access it anywhere under Apple device that have Internet connection, and regarding to the secure encryption that offer by Memories App, you can get peace of mind while transmission your journal over iCloud without worries your journal will be readable by other people.


Export and import

You are allowed to export one or all journal entry into formats supported, including PDF, RTF, HTML, RTFD, ODT, DOCX, DOC, XML and more. In addition to export journal entry, you can also allowed to import journal from single entry or contents of folders. In addition to export and import journal entry, Memories App is also allow you to print out journal entry.

This writing journal App for Mac OS X is enhanced for retina display and able to run on the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 or later with 64-bit processor. Memories App let you to focus in writing journal without confused how to use this app.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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