Spotlife: Most Powerful Personal Desktop Calendar App for Mac

Puts agenda, events and tasks on the calendar as 2nd Mac desktop wallpaper using Spotlife App, let you to focus on the important happenings in your life

Quickly view any agenda, events and tasks of the calendar at Mac desktop without any hassle, simply press the hot key on keyboard and you will know what to do next. Spotlife is the most powerful personal desktop calendar app for Mac OS X that brings the calendar to appear as 2nd desktop wallpaper on your Mac, the simple its, makes the calendar app to appear transparent and blend with desktop wallpaper and also untouchable.

By puts your personal calendar on the desktop, you can quickly view all agenda, events and tasks every time you need in quickly, so, when you close the software work as the directly you can view what should you do next, or if you still open the software of work, you simply press the Mac keyboard hot key and the calendar will be appear above all of your windows software of work. You have an option to displaying your calendar, including agenda, events and tasks in daily, weekly or even monthly, you can also select to hide all completed or canceled tasks from calendar.


Built-in themes and customizable appearance

You can choose one of built-in themes that represent Spotlife app calendar views, make it so blend with desktop wallpaper for lessen distraction and cluttered views of your desktop. If the 5 built-in Spotlife app themes are no match at all and not suitable for your personal style, you may need to customize the appearance of Spotlife app views to make it blend with desktop wallpaper of your Mac. You can begin customize the Spotlife app appearance by adjusting the colors, fonts and grid style, and of course you can customize the other aspect of Spotlife app appearance to fit your personal style and blend with desktop wallpaper.

In addition to customize the appearance of Spotlife app, you can also choose the size and location of Spotlife app to appear on the desktop. There are available nine area locations that you can choose to put and view Spotlife app on the Mac desktop, and don’t be hesitate to try adjust window of Spotlife calendar views to be more suitable with Mac desktop.


Most Powerful Personal Desktop Calendar

Spotlife: Most Powerful Personal Desktop Calendar App for Mac


Center stage, brings calendar to the top windows desktop

When you work on software that full fill your desktop screen and mask the Spotlife calendar desktop views, you can quickly move the Spotlife calendar desktop to the top of windows software, simply by pressing keyboard hot key that you can customize, this feature called ‘center stage’, the point is brings desktop calendar views to the top of windows as quickly.


Integrated with Mac calendar and cloud-based calendars

Currently many cloud services is offer many advantage, such as online calendar that allow you to sync with all devices, so you can quickly track any agenda, events and task anywhere even on the go. Spotlife calendar desktop allow you integrated with popular cloud-based calendar application, including iCloud, Google calendar, yahoo calendar, fruxx and many more, if you have CalDAV server you are also allowed to integrate with Spotlife desktop calendar. In addition to cloud-based calendar app, you can also integrate Spotlif desktop calendar with your local calendar app such Mac iCal. You can select one of calendar to be displayed on the Spotlife desktop calendar, so you don’t have to see everything from all of your calendars.

You can access all key features of Spotlif app, including preferences, customization, adjustment, and many more through Mac menu bar icon. Spotlif app make your Mac desktop more life with dynamic calendar appear at 2nd desktop wallpaper with enhanced for retina display, Spotlif desktop calendar is requires Mac OS X Lion 10.7 or later and 64-bit processor to running well on your Mac machine.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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