Track Sites You Loves On Mac Desktop With NewsBar RSS Reader

Brings any new updates from websites you loves to your Mac desktop in real-time with NewsBar RSS Reader, an RSS feeds reader for Mac that built-in organized RSS and intuitive interface

As described on the name of this software, you are of course can guess what kind of this software, yes, this is an RSS feed reader that allow you to track every new updates from websites you love and brought it to your Mac desktop. NewsBar RSS Reader has been equipped with newest RSS engine that running fast, smoothly and efficient.

NewsBar RSS Reader will give you a fresh content updates from websites you loves every minutes (depend on your setting) right to your Mac desktop. No need wasting time to browsing across the websites to find newest content updates, let the NewsBar RSS Reader brought it for you, all of website you subscribe will be appear continuously on the NewsBar RSS Reader window with the newest updates, you can using NewsBar RSS Reader without create account or login into any account, you just need login account if you has integrate with some application that require login account.

All new updates from websites will be delivered without delay to the NewsBar RSS Reader on your Mac desktop, you will be the first one to sight that new updates, be the first to comment on the websites.


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Track Sites You Loves On Mac Desktop With NewsBar RSS Reader


Fast to read RSS of any sites

With the new RSS engine, NewsBar RSS Reader will be deliver more faster newest updates from any website you subscribe without delay, right to your Mac desktop. You are simply drag and drop to add new Feed to the NewsBar RSS Reader, you can also add RSS feed by manually in the preferences setting.

To easy distinguish between RSS feed you subscribe, you can add custom icon for each feed, every news feed will delivered in smooth animation, and i’m sure you will be likes. To read every feed that has been delivered you can simply click it and new window will be appear and embedding the feed content, but if you want to open it via web browser on the original source, you are simply double-click it, and automatically you will be addressed to the original source of feed.


Intuitive and customizable user interface

NewsBar RSS Reader is integrate with Mac desktop, all subscribed feed will be appear on Mac desktop for easy tracking, and also with smooth animation that can be customized, NewsBar RSS Reader will blend with Mac desktop, you simply adjust opacity window of NewsBar RSS Reader for best look.

The other user interface elements of NewsBar RSS Reader that are customizable is Colors, Fonts, size, and gradient colors, you can experiment with all customization feature to make it blend with your Mac desktop. You don’t have to worry RSS feeds will cluttering your Mac desktop, because all read items will be hide and disappear from Mac desktop, so your Mac desktop just displaying new update only and you can focus on it.


Organize and manage RSS feed

This is what you needed, when you have subscribed to hundreds of RSS feed of websites, and NewsBar RSS Reader has provide you with this feature, you can easy to organize and manage very RSS feeds you have subscribe, you are able to create your own folders for easy organizing RSS feed of websites, you can categorize each RSS feed to related folders. You can also marks / bookmarks new updates of feed if needed.

Give a star sign for new important update of RSS feed, if you don’t have enough time to read it at that time, so you can easy to find that starred new updates on the later when you have enough time to read. In addition you can also highlighted and filtered any new updates of RSS feed by keyword, so you can enable keyword alert using audible and visible cues, it useful when you need to track some article / news that come with that keyword. With NewsBar RSS Reader you can also perform text search by entering the keyword for finding past received updates of RSS feed.


Cloud and application integrated ready

You can integrate NewsBar RSS Reader with some applications that makes you more easy to track every new updates of sites you loves through RSS feed, You can read and track every new received feed updates on all Apple devices, you simply sync every RSS feeds on NewsBar RSS Reader with iCloud, and then installing NewsBar RSS Reader for Apple device you uses, so you can updates and read any newest from RSS feeds you have subscribe on NewsBar RSS Reader anywhere on Apple devices.

In addition, you can also Sync all feeds on the NewsBar RSS Reader with Google reader, and of course you need to enter your Google account, and you can access it from any platforms that allow you to open Google reader application or via web browser.

NewsBar RSS Reader is also integrated with notification center on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, every new updates of RSS feed detected, the notification center will notice you. You can share any new update of RSS feed with your friends via email or social network, such as twitter and facebook.


Support and requirements

This RSS feed reader is able to running on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later, and support many RSS type, including Twitter feed, RSS 2.0 Atom and many more. NewsBar RSS Reader is also ready for multiple desktop / monitor. NewsBar RSS Reader is small and lightweight, and it’s CPU friendly enough.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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