Theming Your Mac OS X Desktop With Live Wallpaper App

Customize and add beautiful and animated wallpaper that blend with weather forecast and live clock to your Mac desktop with Live Wallpaper App

Having beautiful desktop of Mac is wishes for many users, in addition to makes us happier in using Mac day by day, also makes us more comfortable in using Mac and spared from boredom. Customize and theming Mac OS X desktop is tricky enough, although the default Mac desktop is awesome enough, but we need to refresh our Mac desktop with something different.

Currently available many kinds of customization desktop tools for Mac OS X, which is offers many possible way to customize and theming Mac OS X desktop, starting from semi manually customization up to the automatically customization with drag and drop supports. Some of customization desktop tool for Mac, including Mach desktop, Pimp My screen, etc. And now I will introduce to you one another desktop customization tool for theming your Mac OS X desktop, that allow you to customize and theming Mac OS X desktop in easy way, the tool is called Live Wallpaper, this simple customization desktop app is provides unique and animated wallpapers that fit on any screen resolution of Mac.

Customize and Theming Mac OS X Desktop

Live Wallpaper App for Customize and Theming Mac OS X Desktop


Built-in 24 unique themes and downloadable more free themes

Live Wallpaper app has includes 24 built-in themes on the latest installation release package, such as Zombie theme, Skyline theme, tree of love theme, and many more, all themes are powered with unique style that able to customize, and also some of themes on this release version are provide animated wallpaper that can make your Mac desktop more life. There was an also additional free custom theme that able to download from official community site of Live Wallpaper app, all downloadable custom themes are build by community, you can also join the community and share your own custom theme with other users.

In addition to download custom themes in community site, Live Wallpaper app is also offering to add themes as continuously, which is of course Free. Customizing and theming Mac OS X desktop using Live Wallpaper app is easy enough and can be done without any hassle, all settings, options and preferences is managed by simple user interface of Live Wallpaper app.


Includes desktop widgets

In addition to offer unique and beautiful wallpaper that fit on any Mac OSX desktop screen resolution, Live Wallpaper app is also provides many kinds of desktop widgets, which is able to combined with themes, you can get widget that blend on theme and makes your desktop more beautiful. Desktop widgets that includes on the Live Wallpaper app, such as live clock, weather forecast and custom text. And all widget is customizable. To make weather forecast widget works, you will need Internet connection, because the weather forecast source is came from NOAA and


Customize themes

There were some preference settings that enable us to customizing the themes of Live Wallpaper app, such as: using default or select your own unique wallpaper than using built-in wallpaper theme, the other customization is change and choose time formats you like for clock widget, and also weather forecast widget that enable you to change the location where you are now, moreover you can also change the text on text widget, all widget are able to hide or show and also move to other position.


Capability and support

Live Wallpaper app is easy and powerful enough to customize and theming Mac OS X desktop, and currently Live Wallpaper app has support for multiple monitors, you can choose the different theme on each monitor. Live Wallpaper app is also cross-space, means, every time you change space of Mac, Live Wallpaper app will appear instantly. To running Live Wallpaper app you need installing Mac OS X 10.6 or later on your Mac machine.

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