VirtualLab Data Recovery – Macintosh Data Recovery App

VirtualLab Data Recovery is a Macintosh data recovery software is very powerful to recover any lost data on a hard drive, losing important data on the hard drive will certainly be a nightmare for you, when tomorrow you will do the presentation in front of clients, and turns out the existing data on your hard drive is lost due to various errors, using VirtualLab Data Recovery software can recover your important data with a few easy steps, VirtualLab Data Recovery software supports Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, so it does not matter if you using Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Mac OS X Lion, you can still use VirtualLab Data Recovery software to recover any data on your hard drive.

VirtualLab Data Recovery - macintosh data recovery

VirtualLab Data Recovery - macintosh data recovery

VirtualLab Data Recovery software can recover the hard drive volume or partition that has been formatted with intentionally or not intentionally, VirtualLab Data Recovery software will scans and restore hard drive volume to get back your data, even if the hard drive is not visible in the list of hard drives, using machine VirtualLab Data Recovery software you can find and rebuild the hard drive partitions, and show them back in the list of your hard drive. VirtualLab Data Recovery software can recover FAT and NTFS partitions are damaged or deleted. Additionally VirtualLab Data Recovery software is able to recover a file or document that has been erased intentionally or not intentionally on a hard drive, with this feature you can get back any files or documents that have been erased with a few easy steps.

VirtualLab Data Recovery software has a feature that is more specific recovery, that is a Photo recovery was present in various external drives such as, Flash cards, Memory cards, let VirtualLab Data Recovery software scan a external drive and restore every photo was deleted, you just simply wait a few minutes and will soon see pictures that have been deleted in the external, and your photo is ready to be restored. Other features that are very poweful is RAID Recovery, this feature allows VirtualLab Data Recovery software is able to reconstruct the damaged RAIDsuch as, RAID will not mount, RAID was Formatted or initialized, the RAID is operational but We deleted or lost partition, the RAID’s Disks are out of the original order, the RAID are showing another error, VirtualLab Data Recovery software will help you to restore and reconstruct all the RAID problems. This is a Macintosh data recovery software you should have, you can try a powerful VirtualLab Data Recovery software for free by downloading the Trial Version on their official website.

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  • Elisa

    Virtual Lab Data Recovery is an amazingly fast recovery program. It made my day after I accidentally deleted some files from my Mac! It’s small in size and very easy to use. Just follow a couple of simple steps and your files are back to where they were.

  • Chad

    Virtual Lab Data Recovery did exactly what it said it would – I had deleted some .wav files by accident, and it found every one of them and restored them perfectly. Very much appreciated. It’s compact, fast, and works great on my Macbook. What more could you ask for?

  • Tod Norrod

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  • Jasmin Bomilla

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