Open, View and Convert Microsoft XPS File on Mac with XPS Viewer

XPS Viewer is simple software to open and views Microsoft XPS files on Mac OS X, XPS Viewer software is also able to convert XPS files to PDF document format

Enolsoft XPS viewer software or released in short name as simply XPS viewer, is just a simple utility that allow you to open, view, and convert Microsoft XPS file format on Mac OS X platform, XPS (XML paper specification) file format, which is developed by is “document format consists of structured XML markup that defines the layout of a document and the visual appearance of each page, along with rendering rules for distributing, archiving, rendering, processing and printing the documents. Notably, the markup language for XPS is a subset of XAML, allowing it to incorporate vector-graphic elements in documents, using XAML to mark up the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) primitives”, Wikipedia.

Currently XPS file format has been widely used by computer users, although as not much as PDF document users, but I think you need to prepare a software that able to open and view XPS file format under Mac OS X, as we know until now Apple Mac is not built-in XPS file viewer or reader, you need to use third party software to able open, view and read as well as convert XPS file format under Mac OS X. One of XPS file viewer that able to run under Mac OS X platform is Enolsoft XPS viewer software or what released with name “XPS viewer”.


Open, Read and Convert Microsoft XPS File on Mac

Open, View and Convert Microsoft XPS File on Mac with XPS Viewer


Quick and easy to open XPS file

As Mac OS X user, of course we often using the preview software, a simple built-in app that comes on Mac OS X installation package, which enable you to open, view as well as edit mostly popular image formats and PDF document. XPS viewer software having similar interface with preview software, which is very simple, clean and easy to use, no odd navigation or menu included on this XPS viewer for Mac, as simple as the preview app, you can directly open, view and read XPS file under Mac OS X, like you open PDF document on the preview app.


Interface and navigation

XPS viewer software for Mac has a simple menu and navigation, allow you use it for fast, XPS viewer software includes page list of XPS document on the left sidebar, allow you to choose the page you want to read quickly. This XPS viewer software is also allow you to Zoom in or zoom out as well as rotate the XPS pages document.

If you think the current page of XPS document file that you open is very important, you can bookmark them and open them later by navigate to bookmark list, perform text search is also possible, you can easy to find the match text on the whole of XPS document pages, copying text is also allowed by XPS viewer software in order to move or edit the document on other document formats.


Convert XPS file to PDF

Once you open XPS file on this XPS viewer software under Mac OS X, you are given option to convert XPS file you have opened to PDF document format, to make it more support for cross platform compatibility, and of course the PDF document conversion result is Mac-optimized.


Save XPS file to Image formats as well as extract images

By using XPS viewer software for Mac you can to re-Save the XSP file to the various popular image formats, and currently this XPS viewer software has support PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP and more. In addition to re-Save the XPS file to the various image formats, XPS viewer software is also allow you to extract only images that includes on XPS files to the various image formats as above.


Installation requirements

To using XPS viewer software on your Mac, you need to run Mac OS X10.6 Snow leopard or newer version of Mac OS X, and need 64-bit processor. XPS viewer software is small enough, about 5.9MB. XPS viewer software is sells for USD $99 on the special limited offer, on the normal price, XPS viewer software is sells for USD $28.99.

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