Kickoff: Mac Real-time Task Management for Small Team

Build productive work environment with co-workers in small teamwork by managing every tasks of project for each co-workers in real-time

Keep connected with other co-workers in real-time to share and assign tasks of project to each co-worker in a small teamwork that are far apart and completed the project faster, and don’t forget to keep a good communication with other co-workers while you working in project, all the things above can be done by Kickoff software, a simple and real-time task management sharing for small teamwork that included real-time chat feature to keep a good communication with other co-worker in your small teamwork that are far apart.

Kickoff software is specially designed for small teamwork that are far apart and just connected by Internet and computer, Kickoff software is really suitable for remote worker or freelance that have a small teamwork that are far away from your workroom right now. By using Kickoff software you and your co-workers will experience like in one workroom or office whereas you are each is far apart, you can directly share files and chats in real-time between all co-worker members, Kickoff software will make you and all co-worker members more productive.

Mac Real-time Task Management for Small Team

Kickoff: Mac Real-time Task Management for Small Team


Real-time organizing task to each co-worker

Easy to manage and organize your task lists of project to all co-worker members that connected with you by Kickoff software, all task lists will be automatically synced with other co-worker members, every co-worker member will knowing task lists that you create in real-time, you are also able to include comments or attach files to each task you create, once task lists is created you can directly assign the task to one or multiple co-worker members, Kickoff software make sharing and mange tasks of project with other co-worker members made easy.

Pin your tasks by dragging the favorite bar of Kickoff software for quick access to your own tasks of project, you can also perform search of your own focus task lists of any projects for marking or simply dragging to favorite bar, you can see the co-worker member that already complete the task, included finish time and task list from which project, Kickoff software is also able to receive notification for tasks related to you from other co-worker member if there are any change, you are really able to track all co-worker member task progress and brings productive atmosphere to all co-worker members, even you are in far apart.


Real-time chat

You can drag and share any kinds of file format to the Kickoff software chat window with other co-worker members, you can select one of co-worker member to get chat or simply broadcast to all co-worker member in group chat mode. You can also mention one of your co-worker members in group chat, it works like Twitter, you simply type “@” (without quote sign) and then type your co-worker member name who want to be mentioned, it will be give more attention your co-worker member.

Kickoff software chat is integrated with many of web services, allow you to displaying preview of chat message that linking to Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo and more, Kickoff software chat has included chat notification, you will get more attention, if you are mentioned by other co-worker member or there are new message on the chats. The Kickoff software chat making you to still connected to other co-worker member while keep good communication, Offline history of Kickoff software chat is allowed you to find chat logs on the past, you can also scale the chat window if you need it.


Simple UI and more integrity

Similar with other Mac OS X software character, Kickoff software having simple user interface, allow you easy to use and without confusing or cluttered navigation and menu, Kickoff software is also has integrate with many Mac OS X features, such as quick look, notification center for Mac OS X mountain lion 10.8, dictation, full screen view, support keyboard shortcut and gestures, and of course Kickoff software has ready for retina display.


Installation requirements

Kickoff software has support Mac OS X Lion 10.7 or later with 64-bit processor, Kickoff software is also lightweight enough, it about 4.0 MB of size, let you to optimize your hard drive space for other valuable files, Kickoff software is also running smoothly and friendly CPU resource, you can optimize your Mac CPU resource to complete tasks of project more faster.

Kickoff software is synced with other co-worker member via cloud service, but you are no need recurring payment for cloud synced, Kickoff software is also offer unlimited storage, which mean there are no restriction size and storage for file you shared with other co-worker members in task lists of project or chat. Kickoff software is a new and smart way to sharing, organizing and managing tasks of project with co-worker in a real-time even you are far apart one of each other.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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