Convert Photos Into Typography Text With Wordify on Mac

The easiest way to convert images or photos into an amazing typography text artwork in Mac OS X using Wordify software with no time

Creating unique images from photos and text words by using Wordify software, a simple photo converter software for Mac, which’s allow you to convert photos into beautiful typography text. Basically you are free to choose whatever the kind of photos, whether it’s landscape photos, whether it’s face photos, whether it’s nature photos, etc, but absolutely this photo converter software is very suitable to convert face photo into beautiful typography text.

By converting your photos into typography text using Wordify software, your photos will be full contain of text words that has you type before, usually to creating photo like this, you need to learn more about graphics design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other graphics design software.

But Wordify software gives you the easiest way to creating beautiful photo text that you can do it in snap, and not required to be a master of design graphics or learn more advanced photo editing software to convert photos into typography text.

Convert Photos Into Typography Text on Mac

Wordify: Convert Photos Into Typography Text


Simple UI and Lightweight

You can learn how to use Wordify software in fast, you are does not need to spent many days for just learn how to using Wordify software, simply download Wordify software, install to your Mac and go, you will be quickly using it without any hassle, there is no confusing navigation menu on the Wordify software, only convert button, preferences setting and convert customization.

You can drag and drop photos to the main interface of Wordify software from your Mac hard drive. This photo converter software has include Quick Preview to see in real-time how your photo in Wordify, the 4.6 MB of size software it lightweight enough and will be running smoothly and faster, even more Wordify software has optimized for Retina Display.


Customizable output result

With Wordify software you can customize some settings to produce text photos that you like, the first things you must to do is, choose the photo you want to create as text photo, simply drag and drop the photo to main UI of Wordify software, currently, Wordify software is supports most of popular image formats, once photo has determined, type the text words you want to makes as photo, and then you can customize how the output result will be, the items that are possible to customize including, text, fonts, color and size.


Quick and easy to use

If you are too lazy for customize, Wordify software has provide “surprised Me” feature, which is provide some dynamically and randomly font selection. When you finish all requirement to create text photo, it’s time to press convert button, and as automatically you will get the text words you has typed before following the shape of photo, the output image format from Wordify software is fully vectorized and editable PDF.


Including 45 Built-in templates

If you do not have any suitable photo, you can choose one of templates that has provided to create text photo, although the templates are not like a photo, that’s just unique and artistic images that more close to icon. Wordify software is compatible with Mac OS X10.8 or later with 64-bit processor.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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