ATK Player: Powerful Media Player For Mac

ATK Player is a simple and powerful media player for Mac, which is capable to playing most of popular audio and video formats

Sometimes we do not need to use advanced software for just a simple task that is not important things, like playing movie or music, you just need media player software that capable to playing most of popular media formats, including audio and video, that also offer simple user interface, easy to uses, and lightweight. Mac OS X it self has includes media player software on the installation package, which is automatically installed, once you installing Mac OS X to your Mac computer machine, such as iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini, although the default media player on Mac, including iTunes and Quicktime that comes on the installation package of Mac OS X is simple and easy to use enough, but having some limitation in playing media formats.

To add more media formats support to the default media player on Mac, you will need to install third party codec. If you want the easiest way to playing most of popular media formats on the Mac right now, such as MKV, AVI, WMV, etc, may it’s better you glance third party media player for Mac, which is having more capabilities in playing media formats, such as ATK Player Software, in addition to capable playing most of popular media formats on the Mac, including Audio formats and Video formats, ATK Player Software is also offer simplest user interface and easiest uses, ATK Player Software is cluttered free media player for Mac.

Mac Media Player

ATK Player: Powerful Media Player for Mac


Main User Interface of ATK Player

ATK Player Software interface is simpler then VLC media player that also capable to playing many of popular media formats, on the main interface of ATK Player Software, you will find three main controls of media you are playing, including Previous control button, Pause control button and Next control button. Additional control on the ATK Player Software interface for media you are playing is Volume slider for controlling volume audio and Time slider.

To help you in managing playlist of media files, ATK Player Software has include some of feature, which is enable you to create new playlist and open playlist, you can directly create playlist from media files you are open, you can also edit the current playlist you are open by adding new media files (video or audio) and remove media files from playlist.

ATK Player Software gives you an option to hide playlist sidebar at the right of window, enable you to view video in full window, you can also switch to full screen mode, you are also get two option for playing media files on the playlist, including repeat and shuffle.


Playing media files capabilities

Simply open media files from ATK Player menu file, and choose media file you want to play, you can also given option to playing media files from network, simply choose Open URL on the ATK Player menu, and enter the URL location of media files, Media formats that supported by this powerful media player for Mac, including, mkv, flv, avi, mp3, wmv, wma, flac, mpg, vob, rm, rmvb, mp4, mov, m4v, m4a, h264, h263, avi, mpeg4, mpeg2, wmv, vc1, flv, vp6, vp8, rv30, rv40, aac, ac3, eac3, dts, mp3, mp2, pcm, flac, wma, wmapro, and many more, those are currently popular media formats that supported by ATK Player Software.

ATK Player Software gives you an option to enable and disable GPU Acceleration while decoding H.264 video, if you need t enable this feature, simply check box Enable GPU Acceleration mode on the ATK Player Software preferences that you can access quickly on the ATK Player menu -> Preferences.

In addition capability of displaying built-in video subtitle track, ATK Player Software is also support for displaying external subtitle, with formats supported, including ssa, srt, microdvd, smi, text , and more, you are also given experience to customize subtitle display, such as change font type, font size, and font color, this media player for Mac is supports Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and able to running smoothly in low spec of Mac computer machine, because has a CPU friendly usage resource, which is also consume more less energy.

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