Carbon Copy Cloner – Free Backup Software Mac, Now Commercial

Powerful backup software for Mac OS X, that allow you to backup individual data and clone whole of hard drive partition at once without any hassle

Carbon Copy Cloner is one of the main Software for Mac that’s powerful enough to perform backup of various important data on your Mac hard drive, there are many available backup software for Mac, even the Mac OS X itself has provide built-in backup software, which is called Time Machine, but sometimes we want something that different or need some feature that is not owned by Time Machine, the Carbon Copy Cloner has offer quite a lot of features that will make you easy to perform backup anytime, Carbon Copy Cloner comes with a very simple interface that easy to understood, making the Carbon Copy Cloner as one of Mac Software that should you try, otherwise Carbon Copy Cloner is free. (oops, now Commercial, and not longer released as donationware license)

Free backup software Mac OS X

Carbon Copy Cloner – backup software Mac OS X


Clone whole hard drive partition

Not only used to backup individual or group of files, the Carbon Copy Cloner also can be used to clone a whole of hard drive partition, allowing you to backup all data on hard drive, including documents, applications and operating systems at once, it’s very useful when you want to upgrade your hardrive capacity by replacing with new hard drive, so, you do not need to re-install the operating system and software that installed on previous hard drive.

Carbon Copy Cloner is able to backup your data and clone a whole of hard drive as quickly, you can store backup data into internal hard drive, external hard drive or network drive, allowing you to perform backup from one Macintosh computer into another Macintosh computer over a home network or maybe via the Internet, if you have a wide network bandwidth.


Automatic backup with scheduling system

To simplify your backup process, you can create a schedule backup task, which will works automatically to perform backup data to destination which you have previously specified, you can choose the task schedule backup for every hour, every day, every week or every month.

Carbon Copy Cloner is also able to detect device that you want to use as backup storage, when you attach the device storage for backup into a Macintosh computer, then the Carbon Copy Cloner will start to scheduling backup task, Carbon Copy Cloner is one of backup software for Mac, that gives you peace of mind without worries forget to backup important data regularly.

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