Aobo Filter – Macintosh Internet Filter

filtering Internet access is a good plan to keep your children from opening the site that may interfere with the psychological. Lots of Internet filters for Mac OS X that you can use, such as Aobo Filter software that can be easily installed on your Macintosh computer. Aobo Filter software has the ability to filter the right of access to a website that you think is not good for your child’s life. Aobo Filter software designed specifically for Macintosh users, with different abilities that can keep the Macintosh computer users from various websites that are not desirable. As macintosh internet filter software, Aobo Filter software is very easy to use and can filter multiple users in a macintosh.

Aobo Filter - macintosh internet filter

Aobo Filter - macintosh internet filter

When someone opens a website which you have input as to blacklist websites in Aobo filter software, then automatically the browser in use such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, will cease to load web pages and will display the problem server page, this will hide the features of Aobo Filter as macintosh internet filter, this makes the user does not notice when he visited the website has been blocked using Aobo filter Software. when you visit a website then automatically Aobo filter Software will record it, even if you use a private browsing mode, it is possible to make the filtering work more efficiently, because the Aobo filter Software will check each web page that is not appropriate to visit, and then Aobo filter software will add the website address into the blacklist.

To keep your macintosh computer still safed, Aobo filter Software can also you use to block for various applications, software, even games. You can add an application or game into the app whitelist and app blacklist, it can you do to keep the user’s Macintosh computers remain secure, Aobo filter Software is a macintosh internet filter software that is very powerful, you do not need to install Aobo filter software in every accounts on your macintosh, Because Aobo filter can you set it for all user accounts very easily. Aobo Filter software will work automatically when you turn on Macintosh computer, and will work in the background, is intended to allow other users of  your Macintosh computer still do not know.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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