Free File Viewer Software for Mac

View any kinds of file on Mac with easy to use and free File Viewer software for Mac, File Viewer software is also able to integrate with online web service

Open and identity any kinds of file on Mac by using a simple File Viewer software, the name of it software is describing the function that adopted in it, File Viewer Software is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard 10.6 or newer and also compatible with 64-bit processor, 2.4Mb of size making the File Viewer Software is run smoothly and more lightweight, which will be impact to the lower consume CPU resource, it’s a good thing for your Mac, you can save more CPU resource for running other important software, in addition, a simple and useful utility software that only used for sometimes and does not require much of hard drive space, so you can keep the valuable files on Mac hard drive.


Free File Viewer Software for Mac

Free File Viewer Software for Mac


File Viewer Software is released under free license, you can use and download it for free, without any license fee. This free File Viewer Software is compatible with a lot of file types, you can open directly the files by dragging and dropping to the File Viewer Software main interface, and as automatically File Viewer Software will open the files and show you the content of file. Basically File Viewer Software is able to view some kinds of file type, including audio, video, images, web and page layout, in addition, File Viewer Software is also provides, text, hexadecimal, and icon views to help you inspect the contents of each file.

If you want to open unknown file types on your Mac, File Viewer Software will be identity the kind of file and locate software to open them, File Viewer Software has been connected to the, the online web service that provide database information for any kinds of computing files, there was thousands of file extension that has been identity by, and File Viewer Software will be using the service of to identity unknown file type on your Mac, and of course you will be need internet connection to use this feature.

This free File Viewer Software will be provides any footprint information that contained by files on the left sidebar, basically using this File Viewer Software is very easy and no-hassle, you can select native, text, hex and icon to view modes, you are also allowed to search the content of each files you open with File Viewer Software.

Currently, File Viewer Software has support more than 60 files type that allow you to open and view without using official software that create the file, such as encapsulated PostScript (.eps, .epsf), Microsoft word document, (.doc , .docx), Postscript (.Ps), Mac OS X icon file (.icns) Windows icon file (.ico) windows cursor file (.cur), Photoshop Document (.psd), Adobe RAW (.dng), DSLR camera RAW image (Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Sony, Olympus), Safari web archive (.webarchive), Mac OS X alias (shortcut), Mac OS X folder, Mac OS X package (.app , .bundle, etc), Mac OS X volume, and of course many of popular images, audio, video, text and web file formats is supported by File Viewer Software.

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