PDF Converter Plus – All in One PDF Converter Software for Mac

All in one PDF converter software for Mac, that support multiple output file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, HTML and Text

Simple Software for Mac that have useful capability, converting PDF document into other formats that can be opened and edited in the popular software, which may has been installed in your Mac, PDF document file is a popular file formats that widely used for publishing on the Internet or as digital portable document, PDF document format is also can be included multimedia files, and currently PDF document is also used for presentation purpose, the good thing from PDF document file format is cross platform compatibility, which mean you can open and read PDF document file that has created on the Mac in the other platforms, and you don’t need to buy additional PDF reader software, mostly platform currently has includes PDF reader capability.


 All in One PDF Converter Software for Mac

PDF Converter Plus – All in One PDF Converter Software for Mac


In other thing, PDF document file is also compatible with any kinds of PDF reader software, so it does not matter if you are using built-in PDF reader or third party PDF reader software, the PDF document will be well opened, include all text format and image, except you has includes multimedia files including Music and video on the PDF document, that required advanced PDF reader software. The other thing from PDF document file format, is not editable document format, once you create PDF document, you can not edit any content on it, and you need to use separate PDF document editor software, in other way, you can still edit PDF document by converting PDF document into other editable document, such as word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image and text, and once editing is done, you can save back the document into PDF document format.

To convert PDF document, you will need PDF converter software, one of PDF document converter software is PDF Converter Plus, this is all in one PDF converter software for Mac, which are able to convert PDF document into multiple editable document file format. By using PDF Converter Plus, you don’t need to install separate PDF converter software, such as PDF to PowerPoint converter, PDF to text converter, PDF to word converter and PDF to image converter, all of that can be obtained in the single software.

The key features of PDF Converter Plus including, Convert PDF document into Microsoft word document format, Convert PDF document into Microsoft Excel Format, Convert PDF document into PowerPoint format, Convert PDF into mage format, Convert PF document into HTML format and Convert PDF document into text format.

Very simple user interface let you to use PDF Converter Plus for easy and quick, there is no confusing navigation, just add your PDF document by click “+PDF button” and select the output file format you want. PDF Converter Plus is also give you accurate conversion result, which mean, you don’t need to fix more the content layout on the new editable document format you has choose.

Beside capability to batch PDF conversion, PDF Converter Plus is also able to convert specific page on the PDF document, you can determine the specific range of pages on the PDF document to be converted, it’s very useful, when you need some of pages that included on the single PDF document that have multiple page to be converted.

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