TiltShift Photo Filter Effect for Mac

The Easiest way to applying Tilt Shift effect or filter into your favorites photo in no time right on your Mac desktop

Since Instagram photo filter apps for iPhone and Android is become popular, many kinds of photo filter is more familiar and known, one of them is Tilt Shift photo filter, to make tilt shift photo you need an expensive and special lenses for your DSLR camera, but with help of software you can create tilt shift photo with an easy way and more cheap, and of course you don’t need to buy an expensive camera lenses that support tilt shift. One of tilt shift photo filter software for Mac is TiltShift software, by using TiltShift software you can apply tilt shift effect or filter into your photo.


TiltShift Photo Filter Effect for Mac

TiltShift Photo Filter Effect for Mac


13.2MB of size making TiltShift software can running faster with low CPU resource usage, TiltShift software is very easy to use, simply import your favorite photo that will be applied tilt shift effect into it. TiltShift software allows you to create fake miniature versions of regular photos by help of tilt shift photo effect. Yes the name of TiltShift software is describing the function in it. There is no complicated process to applying tilt shift filter into photo by using TiltShift software.

No confusing navigations and controls, just tilt shift effect panel and some adjustment that will make your photo more amazing. TiltShift software is works with RAW photo files and support 16bit color depth, even TiltShift software is works with high definition panoramic photo. With TiltShift software you can define arbitrary focus areas on photo, even circles or lines.

To enhance your photo quality, TiltShift software has built-in photo adjustment feature, including saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness and vignette, and of course it will help you to tune your photos into next level. The color adjustment panel is very simple and easy to use, in addition you can also save preset settings for future use, by save you’re the best setting, will help you to applying the setting into another photos without need to adjust and enhance the ne photo manually.

TiltShift software is very suitable for professional photographer or hobbyist, TiltShift software has support current popular photo formats, both import and save. TiltShift software has provides lite version that you can buy for cheapest then regular version, and of course the feature on lite version is less then a regular version. TiltShift software is available on 3 language, including, English, German and Japanese, and works on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 or later.

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