Divvy Window Manager: Mac Window Manager Software

New way to manage cluttered window on your desktop, quick and efficient to divvy up your window opens into exact position

When you open much of applications, your Mac desktop will be cluttered with window of applications, sometime things like that is very annoying, you see a much of window application that opens, and you must be rearrange the window to front for use or just for checks, managing opened window on Mac desktop is very simple, simply dragging, pulling, and clicking, but sometime you need more simple action to manage many of opened window at once. To handle case like this, you need to know Divvy Window Manager software, simple and lightweight software for Mac OS X that will manage your window for simple step.


Divvy Window Manager: Mac Window Manager Software

Divvy Window Manager: Mac Window Manager Software


Divvy Window Manager software is great solution to manage a lot of window opens at once, you can maximize your desktop screen space for increase productivity in using opened software, so you don’t need to arrange window application to front or back to switch work application, all is on your desktop screen space, no need to dragging, pulling or clicking much to arrange window opens on your desktop screen, let Divvy Window Manager software do it for you, and you will get well window position on the desktop.

If the previous post we had tell you about Mac desktop manager that brings your Mac from cluttered desktop screen to clean and neat desktop screen, now, Divvy Window Manager software will managing each window of application and make it clean and neat, you can take the maximum advantage of your desktop screen space without hassle at all.

Divvy Window Manager software is very easy to use, no hassle configuration needs, once Divvy Window Manager software is already installed, and you can quickly to manage your opens window, this Mac window management software allow you to manage your opens window with just a single click, yeah it simple right? , All your opens window will be on right position and not cluttered on your desktop.

This Mac window manager software is designed to be quick, simple and innovative, no more hassle to bring your opens window of application to front or back. You can customize Divvy Window Manager software to divvy up your opens window by grid setting, you can choose from 1×1 up to 20×20 grid size.

Divvy Window Manager software is works with multiple monitors, and also for more easy accessing Divvy Window Manager software, you have unlimited user options to customize keyboard shortcut, and access Divvy Window Manager software anywhere using configurable global hotkey. This Mac Window manager is able to running on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later and Divvy Window Manager software is cheap enough, no more than $15.

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