Goodfolks: Resource and Time Management Game

Brings you to the desolate village to live and work, to be able survive you must build fields, orchards, and raising livestock

Goodfolks is fun resource and time Management game for Mac OS X, Goodfolks give you a realistic simulation of life with setting on a desolate village, yes, Goodfolks will bring you to the desolate village as a good boy, you will build the village also live and work in there, and there is no one give you a free lunch, so you must survive with all available resources, you will get the chance to survive by build farm and raising livestock. It’s your challenge to manage the times to build and utilize all available resource on the desolate village.


Goodfolks: Resource and Time Management Game

Goodfolks: Resource and Time Management Game


To get survive on the village you must cook meals with ingredients from farm harvest, you can also drinks a milk from your cow livestock, or any meals ingredients that you caught on the village. by playing Goodfolks, you must have a great resource management and time management to make your village full fill with the resource you have built, don’t let your plant withering and crop failure or maybe your livestock is died, so you can get to eat and survive for a long time.

Goodfolks has equipped with beautiful 3D graphic real-time farming, you will be enjoy as a farmer, see your plant grow up on the field everyday and immediately harvest the plant when reach the harvest time, and then you have to cook meals with those harvest ingredients, so you can eat and survive, it’s damn too fun huh? You will get the village atmosphere on your Mac.

Animal raising that you can maintain on Goodfolks game, including Cows, pulttry, sheep, pigs and horses, you have to manage all your livestock and don’t let your livestock die, feed for livestock is must ready every time, and immediately give to your livestock when they hungry. Goodfolks let you manage your character to plant crops, harvest yields, maintain livestock, etc. so the time management is really become big challenge for you on Goodfolks game, manage each character to implement their roles and used the time well, this game will make you addicted.

Goodfolks give you a challenge to unlock recipes for cook meals with the ingredients from your harvested field and livestock, you will be really get the experience life in the desolate village, think and hard work to survive, to playing Goodfolks on your Mac, you must have OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card and running Mac OS X10.6.8 or later, this game is not support Intel GMA 950 Video card, Goodfolks is cheap enough, it’s about $7.99.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 26, 2013

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