What Can Apple Quicktime Player Do?

Reveal of powerful Quicktime features, which can save your money to buy more Apps that have same function

Each release of Mac OS, Apple will include Quicktime on the installer package, it’s has a default Multimedia Player for Mac OS X, Quicktime is able to playing most of popular Video and audio format, even you can add more format support by installing third party codec to your Mac, In addition to Playing video and audio, Quicktime is also included some useful feature, that may never you know, the Quicktime feature is also offered by third party apps which is commercial and free, which is actually you never need, because the features was included on the Quicktime.


Apple Quicktime Player Features

Apple Quicktime Player Features


So, now the times to reveal what can Quicktime do, besides capability to playing Video and audio files, the feature is very useful for some purpose, such as making video presentation, making video tutorial, making screen cast, video recording and more, by using this feature you don’t need to use third party software that have same capabilities, so here the unpopular features of Quicktime player on Mac OS X.


Movie Recording
This feature allow you record video using camera that connected to your Mac, basically you can also using iSight or any web cam device that support for Mac OS X, Movie Recording feature is able to record video with audio for camera device that support audio recording, but if you don’t have camera device that support audio recording, it’s will not work, but you still can record the video without audio.

Apple Quicktime Movie Recording


Audio Recording
Quicktime Audio Recording feature is very useful feature, you don’t need to installed separate audio recording software to your Mac, just Quicktime, and you can directly record an audio from media player or microphone that you plug to Mac, you can record audio that being played on your Mac, such as music on iTunes, Video on Youtube, etc, you can also record your voice over microphone that plug to your Mac port, as the default Audio Recording file will be stored as automatically to your movie folder by Quicktime.

Apple Quicktime Player Audio Recording


Screen Recording
Screen recording feature is very useful to create video presentation, software demo, video tutorial, record game play, screencast, or anything what you do with your Mac, basically Quicktime Screen Recording is able tor record anything activates of your desktop, you can choose to record full screen or specified are of your screen, the screen recording feature is also able to record with audio, from Software or Microphone.

Apple Quicktime Player Screen Recording


By using Quicktime feature above you can save more money and hard drive space, because you don’t need to buy separate audio recording software, screen recording software, and also save your hard drive, because you don’t need to installed additional software that may consume your hard rive space. Yes, the feature is useful enough for standard uses, but if need more customization and advanced setting, Quicktime is not enough yet.

Posted by: Editorial Staff

Date: December 28, 2013

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