Mac OS X VNC Client and Screen Sharing Client Software

Light Screen Sharing is a powerful Mac OS X VNC client software that support Mac OS X screen sharing

Screen sharing between Mac OS X is really simple, no need more configuration to do, simply check and uncheck on the checkbox of Screen sharing configuration option on Mac OS X system preferences, once you finish that simple step, you only need to access the Mac in remotely mode by other Mac machine, you can find the Mac that have enable Screen sharing on the Mac finder sidebar client, you can get full / root control of Mac that enable screen sharing option, but also you can apply limit access for Mac client.

In addition you can also access Mac OS X that enable screen sharing by using VNC client, the advantage of using VNC client is easy to use and compatible with many platforms, including Mac OS X, Microsoft windows, Linux, etc, which means, enable you to remote and control a PC with Microsoft windows and Linux OS based via your Mac, simply install VNC server software on Mac or PC that you want to remote, or if you are using Mac you don’t need install VNC server software, because it was built-in on screen sharing feature of Mac OS X. there was a lot of VNC server software for PC such as realVNC, TightVNC and UltraVNC.


Mac OS X VNC Client

Light Screen Sharing software – Mac OS X VNC Client


VNC or virtual network computing is a popular graphical screen sharing system that uses the RFB Remote Frame Buffer protocol (remote framebuffer) to remotely control another computer. One of Mac OS X VNC client that built-in Screen sharing client is Light Screen Sharing software, this Mac OS X VNC client has support Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7 and Mac OS X 10.8, with some difference of capabilities, the cool thing of Light Screen Sharing software is capability to remote the Mac computer on multiple display.

Light Screen Sharing software is not required third party software to installed to your Mac host, simply turn on screen sharing option in Mac OS X system preferences, and you can directly access and remote the Mac host with Light Screen Sharing software that installed to your Mac. If you wan to remote another computer platforms, ensure to installed VNC server software first, so you can access it with Light Screen Sharing software on your Mac, or if you want to remote PC with Microsoft windows based, you can use free Microsoft remote desktop client for Mac.

Screen sharing or VNC server is a right solution to enable computer host in remote via network, including Internet or local area network through your Mac, it’s more cheaper that Apple remote desktop.

This Mac OS X VNC client is able to discover every Mac with screen sharing enabled in your local area network as automatically, you don’t need to type the IP number of Mac or remember the host name of Mac, Light Screen Sharing software will finding for you, but if you want to remote the Mac computer outside of your local area network, you must typed it with manual, and also you can build the list of favorite Mac computer to remote outside the local area network, this Mac OS X VNC client is also support mobile Me and iCloud.

You can do clipboard transfer between your Mac via Light Screen Sharing software, and also transfer files by drag and drop between Mac, Light Screen Sharing software is also support full screen remote mode, so it’s like being using Mac as usual, this Mac OS X VNC client able to remote print screen, there was some feature that does not available on Light Screen Sharing software version for Mac OS X 10.6, such as File transfer, and full screen remote mode.

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